can a single boy live on 550 usd per month in brno (czech) without running out of money?

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    1 decade ago
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    Actually, the Czech economy is doing very well... prices are rising & fast. I lived there for 6 years and can't believe how much more expensive it has gotten in the 4 years since I left.

    $550... could be done. It all depends on what you're willing to give up. If you're wanting a 2 bedroom apt and to eat out alot, then no. But if you're willing to live in a studio (they call them one-room, or "1+1") and cook for yourself & keep other spending to a minimum, sure, you can do it. Also, the farther from the center you live, the cheaper.

    You might want to consider living in a smaller city near by. Even the town of Blansko (about 25,000) is much cheaper, has more charachter and is still easy to get to Brno by train. MANY people live in Blansko and work in Brno. You can even get train passes which would cut your cost. The downside to that is apartments can be harder to find in smaller cities, but if you can find one, your money will go much farther. (I used to live in Blansko.)

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    ive never been to brno but since the czech economy is still recovering from communism, i bet if you can get a nice flat and eat at the right places or cook your own food from scratch you can get at a market or super market, you'll be fine

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