Intalling new Western Digital S-ATA hard drive - not working #2?

Had a question before this-but got too long.

I've had this problem before. Trying to install windows XP on my new S-ATA WD Hard drive.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB

and this is my motherboard

ASUS P4R800-V DELUXE Socket 478 ATI 9100IGP (RS300) ATX Intel Motherboard

(Which isn't on Newegg anymore)

So I know I need drivers to install the S-ATA when I push F6 and all that. But I can't find drivers that work. I thought I tried the ones on the website..and it just gives me an error on line 2106 mid-installation and tells me I need to quit out cause it can't find the hard drive to install it on.

Yes - the "Onboard SATA" is enabled on my motherboard. It still does NOT detect the hard drives. I'm pretty sure I need to do SCSI or RAID drivers even though I'm not setting up a RAID because thats how I did the last hard drive and it worked.

Theres the manual


Ok...well my Onboard SATA is enabled. And its not detecting the hard drive when I'm trying to install it. So what am I overlooking...

Update 2:

I've tried both connectors =/ I know they both work - because I'm working off of the other hard drive which is SATA and I got it to work somehow with the drivers before but its not working that way with this hard drive. Grrr I hate computers when they don't work! This hard drive is going to die soon because I get so many blue screens.

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    You're on the right track with the RAID installation .... although it's not raid your looking to do it's a similar install process ... when it asks you to browse to the drivers ... aim it at your sata drivers .... I use a generic set of sata drivers from silicon image that seem to work with just about everything

    Go to the silicon image website to get them

  • bummer I had a similar problem with my Nforce board it came with a floppy that contained the drivers but it would quit mid install.

    I don't remember how I got around it.

    I think I burned a CD with drivers off the website and magically it installed because XP setup enabled CD-rom support

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    you shouldnt need to install other drivers like scsi or raid unless you are using it. make sure that the jumpers are set correctly. other than that im sure its not too much of a problem but something your overlooking.

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    If your computer is not working properly while you are working on it, it could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software.

    Detailed instructions at

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    Try moving it to the other SATA connector on the motherboard....

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