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What's a good nonpermanent hair dye?

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    Clairol's Natural Instincts and L'oreal's Colorspa are good semipermanent (meaning they wash out in about 28 shampoos) hair dyes. They don't damage your hair and actually make it really shiny. I've used both brands with good results. Just don't pick a color that's much darker than your natural haircolor, or it'll take longer to wash out.

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    hair spray afcose

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    a color shriek hairspray

    Source(s): buy at beauty supply stores or at claire's. Claire's has mostly pink colors. If you travel to the country of argentina you'll get all the color hairsprays you want.They have a lot. Also you can buy it at beauty supply stores in the internet.Look for color hairsprays on google. Some will cost 22 bucks. But I suggest not to buy them there. Also try Conair proaccents,check if they say it cannot be washed out. But some of the colors come in blue,red,blonde,orange.... they sell it in claires too. check in the back section where the headbands are.
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    ask your hairdresser

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