GUYS! DO LIKE A GIRL WITH A FLEXIBLE WAIST IN BED OR you don't care if she has a sift waist?

I always hear about flexible girls being preferred. I'm not flexiable and when i get on top on my boyfriend i just kind of bounce(up and down).i thought he liked it.So i asked my B/friend, if he prefered a girl who has a flexiable waist and asked him to be honest.He said that,he once dated an african girl who had a flexible waist and rode him better than i do,and that she was able to move her hips in a circular motion even when he was on top of her.He said it was great sex.She went back to africa.I asked him to guide me but i have a kind of sift waist. SO I APPROACHED ONE AFRICAN GIRL and she took me to another african woman who actually teaches american women how to please a man in bed.It was unbelieve the number of women that attend her class. I LOVE MY MAN but do you think i should take these classes. GUYS would you want your g/Friend to take classes on how to move her hips better in bed? Ladies would you go to such a class for your man?

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    I am sure you can do just fine with a little patience & practice...

    If he doesn't like the way you are doing it then he should show

    you what he wants...He should hold you by the hips and move you.

    It is more about you than it is him in bed anyway...What is he

    complaining about ?

    The womans body is like a playground..

    The man & woman play there and try all the rides and variations

    of the rides...It is about pleasing her and the variety of things that

    can be done to her with their mutual cooperation and efforts.

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    1 decade ago

    I saw this question ealier.

    I'm an african girl, you can try the classes i guess. The thing is we taught this, the first time we start our periods. I was taught when i was 15 years ( i know this will seem wrong in america because of the age but it's culture for some africans, like pple in my country). I have had some american girlfriends ask me to teach them but it's hard to teach a grown woman. (I was actually put in the house for 3 months and taught the art of making love and the art of F**king a man depending on the mood. I was taught how to move my hips in many positions). i did not like it at the time because i was a virgin and young but i now appreciate it.

    This done again when a woman is about to get weekend is chosen. only married women are allowed to attend, to actually teach "the new wife to be" what they have learned about men in bed. they talk about their different experinces. They show the woman how to move when a man is in you in any position. I know it sounds bad but it's not as bad. My friends and I once pretended to be married when one of our girlfriend was getting married and i learned more from there than when i was put in the house for 3 months at 15. I know this is strange for americans but it's our culture that we still practice here in america. I'm actually for the practice.

    So if you are up to it, then go for it,,RMEMEBER to be open minded and do not be shy, You might learn some of our bed room tricks.

    I also know an african woman that has a huge class teaching this and she has over 200 women a week. Most of the africans are against this african woman teaching our culture to american women. they say it's oyr secret but i think it's ok.

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    4 years ago

    Take the freaking classes and learn from this lesson. Don't ask your man if he prefers what other women can do in bed. It makes him start thinking that maybe he needs to go get a different woman. Just do what you can and quit obsessing over what you can't.

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    The thing is, your relationship with this man: honestly-- it isn't about sex. I believe sex can be incredible if it is between two people who are passionate about one another. The "moves" come from passion, not lessons. But, personally, if I did love a man 'passionately' and I didn't know how to refect it in bed with him, I would probably ask my closest girlfriends what their experiences are with your situation, (because at one point or another, everyone feels awquard or clumbsy). Best of luck, and I hope you find your answer. :o)

    ps. Try to stay clear of asking a man questions that you already know the answer to, or at least don't ask him questions, you'd rather NOT know.

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    1 decade ago

    He pulls strings - you dance. Cute puppet trick.

    Anything you do for some guy you will one day regret.

    Now if you were into belly dancing on your own, and he happened to benefit from it - that's diff. But going to a "how to not screw like a white woman" class for some dipsh*t guy who is so f*cking insensitive and stupid he compares you to previous lovers?

    You're a fool to do it.

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    Well yeah, the flexible motion does feel better than up n down. BUT if you want to get the African out of his head, this is what you do... put a foot on each side of him and squat down over him with your hands around his neck and then go up and down but do not let any part of your body touch touch him except your feet and hands. WOW when my gal does that to me It feels better than any BJ I have ever had.

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    Sex shouldnt have to be great... by you trying to do something to please him.. it the passion that lies in between, and sounds like women are dolls.. ok men dont have it all, women do.. we are much equal to men its fair square... I feel sex is great when its with the person you love..i believe it should happen after marriage, because no matter what theirs names women will be called..but nno bad name sto men.. if a owmne gets preganant this world is screwed up because ppl are always screwing around..therefore ur messing with childs selfesteem and they wont know who they are fully cuz they have parents who dont get along or so on... why take the classes? when ur life could turn into that.. be smart ,sex can wait!

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    You love him,want to please him,why not take the classes?That is why those women take the class.To learn how to move their waist in a controlled circular motion so that they can please their partner better.Some if not all of them are like you,stiff in the waist.Not a put down,nothing to ashamed of.It just makes your performance better.Be glad your man as able to take to you and tell you want he likes.A lot of men wouldn't care one way or the other.They just want to get in and get out.I like it when my wife moves like that.Our love making lasts longer,and she has more orgasms.

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    Bring on the flexible hips. Before the end of the century, I want to see a girl with flexible hips. Give me the undulating torso.

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