On average, do the birth weights of a mothers children progressively get larger?

If a mother has 3 children will it be more likely that their birth weights may be: oldest = 7lbs, middle = 8lbs, youngest = 9lbs.

I have always heard this, but I felt it was probably an old wives tale.

I have 3 kids and they progressively had smaller birth weights.

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    I don't believe, the more children you have increases their weight, I haven't ever heard of such a thing either , Sometimes they say the second child might weigh a bit more than the first, but that could just be a saying . For myself , : My first, was 6 lb's 10 oz's a boy )Second , 8lb's 6 oz's ( a girl ) Third 7 lb's 15oz's ( a girl ) Forth 7 lb's 1 oz ( a boy ) Their length's were so different also - first to last born _ 18 inches long then 22 inches , third 20 inches and last 19 inches.. The funny thing about their weight differences was that I gained the same amount of weight each pregnancy, I have a small frame , and I only gained 18 lbs with two to of the pregnancy's and 19 lb's with the other 2 .. As long as they are all healthy , It's wonderful, no matter how much they weigh.. They used to say , you are going to have a small, baby , you need to eat more etc.. Now-days they say having a smaller baby is better.. Go Figure ..

    Source(s): With the technology they have today , your question should be answered easy right ,, well I doubt it will ever happen in pregnancy, or the actual weight exact weight getting larger the more children you have.. It's just not possible to know until the little bundle of joy hits the outside would scales .. Great Question , Merry Christmas
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    It's just an old wive's tale. My mom had three of us. I was 7 15, my sister was 7 2 and my brother was the same as me. I also have had two children, my first was 8 3 and my second was 7 3. I only know of one case, but it's because diabetes is very common in her family. Her first was around 9, the second around 10, and the third a whopping 14. She is from Pakistan, which is one reason it never made the news over here. Her fourth was about 8 pounds.

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    Agh! I need more info! How much did you weigh before you got pregnant? How much weight have you gained? Average baby weight is around 7lbs 8 ounces at birth. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and labor! :)

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    I come from a family of 13-can't remember all the weights but

    #11 was the biggest baby and #3 the smallest, everyone

    elses weight varied, there was no pattern of increase.

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    I didn't ever think about it. I have 2 kids who were 1 oz apart and my only sibling and I weighed the same. I think it is probably an old wives tale.

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    Ive have 2 kids and my 2nd was bigger. my 1st was 7pound 4 and my 2nd was 8pound 12. I believe its based on what you eat during your pregancies. My 1st i had morning sickness bad so i couldnt have milk (the worst thing anyway). With my 2nd i was heaps better so i was always drinking milk...flavoured, breakfast whatever. And i have read studies which do believe milk is a cause for bigger birth weight

    Source(s): mum of 2
  • Im the middle child and I was born really smaill I was like 4 pounds 4 oz. My older siblings we average and my little brother was the largest. I guess it all depends.

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    My first child weighed 6lbs 1oz, my 2nd weighed 6lbs 11oz, my 3rd is yet to be born...6 more months till I can tell you! In my case it does (so far) increase with each child

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    Yes, that is the average trend. But anything is possible and any varied combination can occur, it usually doesn't signify anything in particular.

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    That is another one of those questions where i think it's just fate.....

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