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how to look good?

whenever i go out there are so many gorgeous ladies out there.Perfect figure,perfect clothes,good face.

what should i do to be like them

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    Perfect figure: exercise at least 30 minutes a day or more....and eat healthy (no junk food!!) Drink lots of water... and start making better decisions, in a few weeks you will start seeing results... promise.

    Perfect clothes: You can use the "gorgeous" girls that you see as insperation. Turn to magazines. Or to your favorite style. You know more about fashion than you think. At the store, try to look at the displays to see what that "perfect" outfits looks like. If you need for help to find those few "perfect" outfits that bring out the best features in your body, then seek help from a friend that you think has a good fashion sense and is willing to help. If not, you can do it yourself!! :)

    Good face: A good face starts with a smile. Teeth are very important. Brush, see a dentist, make sure you have a nice smile. Second, good skin. Washing, toning, moisturize... do what you need to do to give your skin that natural, radiant glow.... good face also has to do with hair cut and shape of face. so visit your hair salon and see if you can get a new cut... in addition, a little bit of make up can go a long way. so visit Sephora or Macy's and speak to a make up consultant to help you pick out a few good items that will bring out your eyes.

    Some of these suggestions require some time and money. However, you do not need a whole lot of money to make changes.

    Also, instead of comparing yourself to these gorgeous women, use them as insperation. So you like their outfit? Why not try a similar one on yourself. Good luck and I'm sure you are already gorgeous!!!

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    You're born unique, but if you want to look like another "perfect" clone than I suggest plastic surgery for the drastic changes -- such as the face, body..

    And you still need to have a great personality apart from looks, so remember that: how you act is way more important in the long run, and the sure thing is that you'll have friends with a good personality.

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    I like 5 and 6

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    Hope this helps :)


    1) Go to the gym

    2) Eat Healthy

    3) Get your hair done at least every 3 months by a professional

    4) Get a manicure and pedicure at least every other month

    5) Get good quality clothes (QUALITY OVER QUANTITY)

    6) Fake confidence even if you don't have any

    7) Act like you are hot even if you aren't that hot

    8) Don't go overboard with the make-up, but always wear mascara and lipgloss at least

    Good Luck

    Source(s): Myself :)
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  • Learn to love yourselof first and STOP comparig yourself to others. God made you to be special and unique. Learn to appreciate the features you admire about yourself. Do you have long hair, big eyes, full lips, a good personality? Essentuate these good points you find about yourself and mayeb look at reading Doctor Phil's "Self Matters" book and companion guide.

    Good luck :)


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    nothing be urself have ur own style u dont wanna be like other people believe me, i have my own style n i get looks , i just dress cute pick out some cute outfits n do ur hair all sexy leave it down thou thats wat the guys put on some makeup but not much a lil eye liner n skin tones on ur eyes n face n lips u dont wanna wear to much makeup the less the better its always prettyier :-)but like i said just be urself u dont wanna look like those other girls u gotta have ur own sence of style n uniqueness

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    Well Honestly the sexiest thing in the world is, confidence. Be you and show ppl you feel good about being you...

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    Don't... variety is the spice of life.

    Perfection is boring. Just be yourself. Know in your heart that you are beautiful and you will exude beauty and radiance. Don't change, be real. That's true beauty :)

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    Eat healthy, exercise, get nice haircut, get nice fashion and believe in yourself and tell yourself "you are the best"

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    Think good

    Eat good

    You will look good.

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