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What is the fastest easiest way to get a divorce?

We have no kids and nothing to really divide between the two of us. I would like a fast an inexpensive divorce. Does anyone have experience in this or advice.


by the way, I am a girl, and my husband is a great overly arrogant, disrespectful, verbal abuser. I have been putting up with too much for too long.

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    have someone in bed with you when your spouse comes home.

    Before you do anything drastic..I think that maybe you should reconsider booting him out the door,because what happens once he is gone ,and you miss him,and then you find out that you really do love him..what will you do then?

    Maybe he just feels comfortable being with you,and the both of you are just taking each other for granted.

    Hopefully it will not take a serious life incident for the both of you to realize this.

    I think that the both of you are made for each other.

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    You are divorced already by saying what you said. You are the caused of the divorce.. take a look at what your focus is and has been for god knows how long:

    No kids

    Nothing to really divide between the two of you

    By focusing on those two things, you dug your own grave

    Where are you going, who are you going to call?

    You will NEVER find "Ms. Right" as long as you think like that.

    Try change your way of thinking and make a bright future for yourself!

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    Why you are stuck you can not get a divorce you must stay!the rest of your life no choice but for you both to work it out unless one cheats or beats then thats good enough to go, if not all you need is a spark to get that flame going again. seek free counciling from church?or pay for one think of 1 and 2 make 3 now work! You Can DO IT !!!!

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    If you are both in agreement to all the terms you can do it on-line pretty cheap and file it yourself. If not in agreement on issues such as division of property, alimony etc. you will need attorneys to handle it for you. I had kids and property and mine ended up about 18,000.00. Both of you do yourselves a favor and try to agree. It will save you both lots of time and money. Good luck and hope this helped.

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    Go to the court house ad get the paperwork for a divorce---fill it in file them and have the spouce served papers--they will give you a court date if need be --done--

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    No kids, sounds quick and cheap already. There is a site online for divorce search the web...

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    spackler that was funny lol.

    anyway, least there's no kids involved, that would be a mess. Just have it annulled, and don't be a witch and make him pay alimony, that's not cool. just move on in life.

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    That would depend on what state you live in. I suggest first consulting a lawyer.

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    Is that what you're getting your spouse for Christmas?

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    no fault. my opion?

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