i hate the RUDE Non-Christians?

The RUDE Non-Christians, they want the Christians to keep their mouth shut about their belief , well they should listen to their own advice and keep their mouths shut about their opinion. Their saying all this cr@p (i didn't mean to curse) and ruining children belief in Santa clause.

Does anyone agree with me ????


-.-" i never said i was christians myself, i was just trying to stand up for the christians like a few of my friends, is that so wrong to do ??

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  • Minmi
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    1 decade ago
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    "Their saying all this cr@p (i didn't mean to curse)"

    Liar. You did mean to curse.

    You also criticize those who debunk Santa Claus? You can't be a Christian - not one with an IQ over 70 on the Stanford-Binet scale, anyway.

    Ergo, you are a Troll.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Let me school you my friend...

    Christians (or self proclaimed Christians anyway) are usually the rudest, most self righteous, holier than though people I meet.

    Seriously, it's these Super-Christians that are spending 10X's more time at the mall than in a church.

    Spending 10x's (probably a lot MORE than 10X's) the money on presents than they are donating to charity or using to help the homeless (if they have ever even attempted an act of charity at all)

    And, are the same people that are rude azzholes wherever you go. The ones cutting you off and giving you the finger while sporting their "Jesus Saves" bumper sticker.

    Also, Christmas is NOT about the birth of Jesus. Sorry to bust your bubble on that one. And even if people do believe that shouldn't you be in church all day instead of giving material gifts?

    More about the so-called Christian holiday....

    Many people are under the assumption that Christmas has it's origins in Christianity. However, Roman officials decided on December 25th as the date for Christmas because they were trying to convert their heavily Pagan nation to the religion. The Pagan's Mid-Winter festival, Saturnalia, was held at this time of the year. In order to lure them over, many holidays that are now associated with Christianity were decided by the dates of corresponding Pagan holidays and festivals.

    Christmas was more like Mardi Gras than the holiday we know today up until as late as the late 19th century. Yes, that's right, Mardi Gras! In England, during the 17th century, Protestants had taken over the country. Being very religiously strict they actually outlawed Christmas for it's vulgarity. Of course the people wanted their celebration so they in turn reinstated the Monarchy.

    In the United States, after the Revolutionary War, anything English as shunned. Therefore Christmas was reinvented. It was decided the holiday would be about family and togetherness rather than raucous partying.

    The Christmas tree also has it's roots in Pagan culture. Evidence of "Christmas" trees date back as far as Egypt. Santa Claus in his modern form was also only recently invented. In the 1940's he was revamped as the jolly old man we all know. Actually this was done by advertising agencies and stores of the time in order to help sell merchandise. Before that, Santa was more in line with the partying ideology of the Pagan Christmas. In fact, Santa's image evolved from a Pagan gnome like creature. Very much unlike what we know today.

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  • 1 decade ago

    As a christian you are held to a higher standard then non-christians. You should show more by actions than words always. People believe more in what they see then what they hear. As for Santa Clause (even though many of us Christians persuade our children to believe in him) he has no place in the Christian belief. We can not be angry that someone is trying to persuade our children against Santa Clause if really we should not be encouraging the belief in him as much as the belief in Christ and why we truly celebrate Christmas. Christmas should be the celebration of Christs birth, life, and rebirth. Not on the presents and the naughty and nice stuff. My kids do believe in Santa Clause and every Christmas I tell them the story about the birth of Christ and some of the stories about the wonderful things he did during his life. That is the true meaning of Christmas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, I agree with you! The same people who do NOT show respect to what a child enjoys want you to respect them. Does that make sense at all? I think it is rather childish of them to step into the world of a child and take away their childhood by saying Santa does not exist if children believe this. Eventually children do figure it out about Santa. It is like watching a movie and saying over and over- this is just a movie- it is not true at all, or like saying to a child," The doll you are playing with is not real"- rather rude for anyone to do that! Did you mean to say dislike or hate the behavior of these people, instead?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    what I am getting from your question, I think, is that the people who flip out with the "politically correct" crap, the ones who say NO to Christmas Plays, Santa Claus, Singing xmas songs in school, etc. have flipped out because it isn't what they celebrate....when I was a kid, we colored Christmas oriented things in school, had plays, and chorus songs. (early 70's)....but, someone comes along and says, "that is against my religious beliefs".....well, hon, it isn't just the non-christians, you can't have any Hanuka stuff in school, Kwanza, Cinco Demio day (spelling), etc.....someone will get their panties in a wad......I am Jewish, I could care less if my kids were in a Christmas play....."KIDS" being the key word there....FUN, HOLIDAY EXCITEMENT, FUN.... I would never think if my kid was an elf in a school play that all of a sudden they would change religions....Personal preference for sure, but that obnoxious politically correct crap is by uptight adults, not the kids, and they are the ones who are missing out on just some "KID" fun!!!!

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  • timpe
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    3 years ago

    i do no longer hate Christians. What i do in comparison to is what some Christians do. often, those Christans are of the fundamentalist form. they think that considering i'm Pagan, that I worship devil. they have extremely detrimental techniques in the direction of me, and refuse to hearken to something that contradicts their techniques in the direction of me. Too, i do no longer in basic terms like the Christians who show that Catholicism is evil. i in my opinion could in no way take suggestion from a Christian suggestion column. i'm no longer Christian, so natrually, an suggestion column in step with Christian concepts does no longer tend to resonate with me. i don't have faith that the Christian God created this international. We come from distinctive factors of vantage. Christianity, taken actually, is against me and my faith. The Christian Bible says that I could be placed to dying. Christians, over generations HAVE placed people of my faith to dying. the present President of the U. S., a Christian, has spoken out against my faith. So, there has a tendency to be slightly mistrust. in my opinion although, i do no longer hate Christians. I do in basic terms in comparison to a pair of what a number of them say. i don't have faith the best purchase of the scripture that they use. i think of Christ replaced into sensible, yet not greater god than may be any people. as long as Christians do no longer attempt to transform me, we are able to have a tremendous relationship. advantages, --Dee

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with you. I'm a Christian and my wife and I do not celebrate Christmas. We BELIEVE in the Bible and we know Jesus was here on this earth for 33 and a half years before he was put to death and not once in the scriptures is it written that he celebrated his birthday. Dec. 25th is not even in the Bible, and Jesus Disciples never celebrated Christmas or their own birthdays. Jesus commanded us to observe his death not his birth. But we need to remember to love our neighbor as our-self. The Apostle Paul said we can have all the knowledge and all the power and wisdom but if we do not have LOVE WE ARE NOTHING. So we are taught by GOD to be long suffering towards others and I know sometimes this is easier said than done. But in the book of Ezekiel GOD says in the scriptures so many times that "I shall certainly sanctify myself and make myself known before the eyes of many nations and they will have to know that I AM JEHOVAH" !!!

    Source(s): THE BIBLE.
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  • I completely agree, Mate. Besides, lots of nonbelievers celebrate christmas. It is but a relative few, arrogant w@anker prats and right gits trying to ruin it all.

    And with NO APOLOGIES....And my personal message until the BIG day:

    A Merrily barking mad, wickedly happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates!

    Charles "That Cheeky Lad" and Father Christmas!

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  • Mark G
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    1 decade ago

    Ummm... excuse me, but many people in the US complain when things like Ramadan and chanukah are celibreated in public, they claim it offencive to them, what the hell is the differance between that and what your saying? Do you support their rights to celibreat in a large public manner like Chrismas is or is it just a right for your belife?

    Go read the First Amendment...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Perhaps you'd prefer to think about things that make you happy instead of one of the many things that may disrupt your happiness. What other importance is there than being happy in this life? Whether that means following your religions, or behaving how you wish to.

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