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whats so wrong about me droping my kid ?

my ex is really pissed off at me. my son her kid fell asleep on my lap and like me hes a really really really deep sleeper. i his head was strarting to make my leg fall asleep so i just pushed him off. my ex saw that and started getting pissed. shes like " WHAT THE HELL IS YOU PROBLEM YOU CANT GO AROUND DROPING 2YR OLDS LIKE THAT !!!! "

me : ~ . ~

and i say " what the hell dont act like you or andy one else didnt do that to me when i fell asleep you or any one else's lap. " then she starts cussing me out in spanish . me " its not like he can feel it ".

god what the hell was so wrong ? like i said its not like he can feel it. besides hes a tough little guy he can take.

but seriosly whats wrong with that. as you might have alreadt guessesd im not good at the parenting thing. and its not like iv been around little kids he just started visting since Augest.

is that really such bad parenting ?

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    As a mother and a parent, you would have copped a lot more than a mouth full of Spanish, you idiot you could have KILLED him if he had hit his neck the wrong way, my god to read something like this just disgusts me. Yes he can feel it, why didn't you use some thought and just pick him up and lay him down. He is your son, your flesh and blood it is your duty to guide him in life to do what is right by family,society and himself, ask yourself if you want to see him in a gang, dealing drugs, getting in trouble with the law and so on OR would you like to see him become someone with respect, dignity and morals and finally, how do you want your son to see you in the future, as someone to be feared and hated or someone to look up to and admire as a role model????

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    If the child is 2 years old, he is still in a developmental stage. NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT HIS SKULL HAS JUST CLOSED OVER HIS BRAIN AND MAY NOT BE AS STRONG. Man, a fall of the wrong sort could be very detrimental to him and his growth. He could go into a coma due to swelling on the brain and die. I know you don't know, but there are VERY valid reasons for her to be 'pissed'. In the time you took to type the question, you could have completed some research via the net on the subject.

    In other words, if you DON'T want your son to learn how to walk and talk and other fine motor skills at the level he is supposed to (knowing that boys develop these skills at a slower rate the girls) then keep letting him fall on his head.

    Good grief!

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    Sounds like you got dropped a few too many times as a child yourself. You seem to be stuck in that childish stage. Grow up. Be a parent. If you're going to make an attempt at least make it a good one. You obviously have no love in your heart for your own flesh and blood which is beyond any of my own comprehension. As a mother I can understand why your ex is so pissed. We have a God-given instinct to love and protect our children. When we see someone abusing them - as you did - we don't put up with it. I can imagine it would be especially hurtful to see her child's own father acting in such a selfish and inhumane manner.

    Is is really such bad parenting? If you have to ask....

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    You were good enough to lay down and make a child--you better be good enough to take care of it. Dropping a child is just plain bad handling--it's not a doll---and a few bruises noticed and reported will find you arrested at the worst time. Shape up=get a grip...move on and do a good job of being a mommy---it's not a toy or a doll--it's a human---were you dropped as a kid?

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    yes, that was a really bad thing to do. and maybe you should go get some parenting classes before you spend to much time with him again, Take a baby class where they will show you how to handle and deal with a small child. Doing something to a child because it may have been done to you at sometime is the wrong way to parent. He could have really gotten hurt. and I don't think you want to hurt your child.

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    That's not parenting, that's called pushing a little kid off your lap for no apparent reason. So what if your leg was asleep! You could've picked the kid up and laid him down instead of pushing him off. I've never been around kids either but that's just common sense. Either way, if his mom got mad that you did that, obviously it's something she felt was inapporiate & uncalled for.

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    yes its bad parenting. come on, the little kid is only 2... he's not strong yet... and imagine your a big guy...weight 10x more than him.. ur gonna push him off like tat???? imagine a 10x bigger guy push u off while ur sleeping.. it could damage the little kid unconsciously.

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    you are sick, thats like child abuse. you dont deserve to be a parent.

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    If you are for real, you don't deserve to breathe.

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