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I need some music suggestion?

I'm about to burn a CD and I need some good "Soft Rock" music, so far I have:

1. Air Supply - All Out Of Lover

2. Chicago - Your My Inspiration

3. Air Supply - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

4. Bryan Adams - Heaven

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    make it with you

    it dont matter to me


    baby im a want you

    everything i own

    lost without your love

    air supply--------------

    lost in love

    all out of love

    every woman in the world

    the one that i love

    here i am

    sweet dreams

    2 less lonely people

    just as i am


    colour my world

    just you and me

    (ive been searching)so long

    stay the night

    your the insepiration

    dr hook-----------------

    a little bit more

    sharing the night together

    when your in love with a beautiful woman

    sexy eyes

    elton john------------

    your song

    dont let the sun go down on me

    the one

    can you feel the love tonight

    james taylor------------------

    fire and rain

    youve got a friend

    how sweet it is

    handy man

    stephen bishop-----------------

    on and on

    only love

    it might be you

    england dan john ford coley--------------------

    id really love to see you tonight

    nights are forever without you

    we'll never have to say good-bye again

    in it for love

    eric carmen-------------------------

    i wanna be with you

    hungry eyes

    make me lose control


    you are the woman

    just remember i love you




    waiting for a girl like you

    i want to know what love is

    i dont want to live without you


    more than words

    hole hearted



    barry white----------------------

    im going to love you a little bit more baby

    never never gonna give you up

    bryan adams------------------------

    straight from the heart

    cant stop this thing we started

    do i have to say the words

    cuts like a knife

    everything i do i do for you

    heat of the night

    bad english-----------------

    heaven is a 4 letter word

    when i see you smile

    the righteous brothers-------------------

    just once in my life

    unchained melody

    (your my)soul and inspiration


    i cant hold back

    is this love

    the search is over

    high on you

    summer nights

    tim mcgraw-----------------------

    like we never loved at all

    its your love

    lets make love

    just to see you smile

    vince gill------------------------

    never alone

    when i call your name

    look at us

    i still believe in you

    clint black------------------------

    when i said i do

    april wine-------------------

    just between you and me

    r e o------------------------

    keep on loving you

    take it on the run

    cant fight this feeling

    here with me



    more then a feeling






    the grand illusion

    come sail away


    only the young


    wheel in the sky

    lovin touchin,squeezin

    just the same way


    love hurts

    hair of the dog


    sing me away


    sister christian

    sentimental street

    rumours in the air


    cover of the rolling stone-dr hook

    38 special------------------

    rockin' into the night

    hold on loosely

    fantasy girl

    cought up in you

    secound chance

    cheap trick------------------------------

    gonna raise hell


    way of the world

    i want you to want me


    no son of mine

    i cant dance

    thats all


    turn it on again

    many to many

    follow you follow me

    in too deep

    -go all the way--eric carmen& the raspberries

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    1 decade ago

    Aw, taking a trip down memory lane! :)

    Here's a few I thought of off the top of my head:

    REO Speedwagon - I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore or Keep On Loving You

    At This Moment - Billy Vera & the Beaters

    Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

    Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You

    Journey - Open Arms

    Phill Collins - One More Night

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    CHICAGO "Hard Habit to Break" - REO SPEEDWAGON "Take it on the Run", "Keep on Loving You", "Time for Me to Fly" - JOURNEY "Open Arms", "I'll be Alright Without You", "Who's Cryin' Now", "Don't Stop Believing", "Wheel in the Sky" - DR. HOOK "Only Sixteen", "Storms Never Last", "Sharing the Night Together", "Sweetest of All", "If Not You", "A Couple More Years", "A Little Bit More" - C*CK ROBIN (won't let me spell their name out) "When Your Heart is Weak", "I Thought You Were on My Side" . If you are not familiar with any of these, you can probably find a sample for most of them at These are some of my favorites, I hope it helps!

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    1. Unconditional Love - Cyndi Lauper

    2. True Colors - Phil Collins version

    3. I Will Be Your Man - Richard Marx

    4. Forever Friends - Sheena Easton

    5. Circle In The Sand - Belinda Carlisle

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    All of them are good songs. you can burn them for your collection.

    I suggest that you buy an iPOD or Creative Zen so you can have all the music you want from simply downloading from the net.

    Its always best to look forward to something new than to stay stuck in the past. And its also nice to hear music randomly form your player. Because listening to only one type of music or artist can be really boring. Variety takes away the monotony.

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    Little River Band



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dont Stop Believin-Journey

  • Jem
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    1 decade ago

    Paul Davis-Cool Night


    usually i am pretty good with this stuff, but i am drawing a total blank right now

  • Mat
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    1 decade ago

    check something from James Iha's solo album, he's from smashing pumpkins, i think it's a really good cd, just you have to be into that stuff, its' soft rock

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