Mosque bombing - hate crime or terrorism?

Consider this scenario. The National Front (an extreme Nazi-style right wing group) blow up a mosque. There are 500 mortalities and many hundred wounded including women and children. Around 70% of these people are 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants - i.e. people born in the UK. Would this be classed as an act of terrorism, or as a hate crime? Would the National Front be listed as a terrorist organisation?

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    Both. Many acts of terrorism are hate crimes -- the Ku Klux Klan in the American south in their heyday would be a prime example of an organization attempting to terrorize a population through planned hate crimes.

    Not every act of terrorism is a hate crime -- some such acts have nothing in particular against the victims, lets say a bus bombing for example, but are only committing the act to achieve a different political objective.

    In such a case there is no reason the National Front shouldn't be listed as a terrorist organization, presuming of course the organization as a whole gave some kind of support to the act and it wasn;t just the private acts of some NF members.

  • Thats an odd question. It's terrorism because it was a terrorist act. Technically most crimes are hate crimes because they are committed out of hate. I think that the phrase "hate crime" needs to be removed from modern culture because crime is crime and it dosen't matter what the motive was because bottom line a wrongdoing has been done.

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    in court they would be charged with a hate crime, but many would protest calling them terrorists so that classification will never be authorized.

    but all hate groups are terrorists when they use violence, threats, anmd intimidation against people- they literally insight terror

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    You really need to find something to do with yourself. Putting that much thought into an imaginary scenario like that isn't healthy.

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    I'd call it a public service and give them the key to the city.

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