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Angel Eve asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 decade ago

Does anyone else think Donald Trumps statement about Rosie was ridiculous?

He attacked rosies Moral Compass stating that she was ugly (in not so many words)... DONALD: Since when do looks have anything to do with ones moral compass???

Seriously people, Im kind of on Rosie's side on this. I dont think its appropriate for the US to be represented in any way by an underage drinker as a role model for our children. Im not stupid, I know that underage kids drink all the time, but its one thing to know that it happens, and another ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THING to say, Yea, its ok to do it- see Our miss USA for proof. What do you all think out there in yahoo answers land?


I too think that both parties are ridiculous.... My whole point is that- I disagree entirely with Donald Trumps statement about Rosies "moral compass" because she is ugly... What does being ugly have to do with anyones moral compass??? In fact, I think its almost the opposite. I usually see the VERY BEAUTIFUL people have NO moral compass!

Update 2:

Just to let you know for all the people who think Rosie started this whole thing, When Rosie was fighting for her right to be married to a woman, Donald trump was degrading her on a national level stating that he doesnt understand why anyone would marry Rosie. So please stop thinkin she originally started this whole thing, when it isnt true!

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    Donald Trump came across as exceptionally smug, obnoxious and narcissistic, all attributes that he personally admires in himself and which nauseate more thoughtful minds. He may be business savvy, but he resorted to the most naive counterarguments against Rosie O'Donnell. Any 'adequate' high school debater knows that an ad hominem attack (retorting the logic of an argument by assaulting the person rather than addressing the issue) is a serious technical foul.

    It is interesting that, rather than debate the central claim that he is or is not a 'moral compass' by providing evidence of his good deeds, he instead decided to focus his counterattack on her weight, her homosexuality, and her personality. Has he absolutely no sense of the emotional weight of his words on overweight teenage girls, or on young men who want to emulate his success, and who inevitably will adopt his superficial attitude toward vulnerable women already suffering low self-esteem about their appearance? Is this not demonstration enough of his wayward moral compass, which is what Rosie accused him of to begin with?

    A lawsuit? Please. His was an impulsive, venomnous assault to an astute and outspoken comedianne who gets paid to give her subjective 'view' of popular culture. She was completely within the job descriptions of her character on the show. Donald Trump has eagerly played the role of a media-starved business tycoon for decades now, so he is fair-game for the spontaneous dialogue that The View was designed for by his friend Barbara Walters. Rosie is neither a professional journalist who is paid to present objective facts without bias, nor a corporate foe with an agenda related to knowingly disrupting his business interests for her personal profit. I cannot therefore see for the life of me how he would have any basis for a lawsuit; if so, she has an equal basis to sue him for slander.

    In fact, I see more potential for a successful lawsuit filed against Donald Trump because his comments were clearly and deliberately designed to impair her career as an entertainer by miring her public reputation, whereas he is not an entertainer and her comments were only indirectly about his business affairs.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with the many in here who have sided with Donald Trump. For sure, US should be represented by a good role model in its Beauty Contests, and anywhere else for that matter, but for Rosie to attack Donald Trump for his morals was uncalled for. Can the women not give her opinion like a civilized adult - like give her honest opinion on Beauty Pagents with class and tact - without injuring someone's reputation and judging someone's morals. Just shows how little intelligence the woman has, and how much bitterness and hate she has for everyone and anything. What Donald Trump did in retiliation was childish, but really anyone one of us who have done the same, tact for tact. I think if Rosie can dish it out left and right inappropriately and without consideration and with so much meanness...( it was mean what she said about Donald Trump, no one has the right to be so mean to other people).... then she should dish it IN when others talk about her. She is no Virtue of Purity. That's how I see it. So I find this question rediculous, for it was Rosie that threw the first insult or mean shot at Donald Trump about his looks and morals in the first place...Maybe the Asker should go and read what Rosie said about Donald Trump's looks and morals in the same breath, before such a stupid question was asked.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it's a really simple issue, and I think people are getting WAY too emotional over it.

    Rosie started it. Donald made a decision, be it a moral one or a business one, it doesn't matter. It was his to make. He never asked for anyone's approval. He decided to give that girl a second chance and he had every right to do so. It was none of Rosie's business.

    That said, both of them acted EXTREMELY childish. Donald could have easily taken the high road and ignored Rosie's "criticism" completely, or he could have responded in a manner that suited his high powered business status much better. He could have said that he wasn't trying to be a "moral compass", just a decent and forgiving person. (Put aside what you think about Miss USA's behavior for now. I personally would have fired her asap.)

    Rosie could have kept her OPINION (and that's exactly what it was) to herself. Or, if she really felt compelled to comment on the matter, she could have done it by confronting the issue, not attacking Trump directly and personally.

    Really, the only good it did either of them (if you can really use the word "good" in this instance) was to garner a huge amount of publicity. None of it good publicity either.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All he did was prove:

    1. He's a very bitter man.

    2. He always HAS to win

    3. He's sexist

    4. Arrogant

    5. His own biggest fan

    6. He lied about being worth billions

    7. Lied about going bankrupt

    8. Is not as smart as he thinks he is.

    9. Shocked many people with his stupid remarks.

    10. Hates lesbians

    11. Embarrassed his kids

    12. He does walk the talk...

    13. Makes himself out to be the hero is everything he does.

    14. Spends so much time on TV you wonder when he has time to work.

    15. Gets a mere 50Ks for doing the Apprentice and says it is for "fun." Yeah, right.

    He does it for exposure so we can all hear his continued rants on how great and wonderful he is.

    16. Called a woman a fat azz pig face. Nice, really nice. Class act, huh?

    17. Pissed because he has NO POWER to fire Rosie so he reveals the secrets of his friend Barbara Wah Wah on how she really feels. Low, very low. Below the belt but he's gotta win at all cost.

    18. Lied and said the View ratings were suffering with Rosie...not true and he can't prove it but says it all the time. He thinks if he says a thing enough times people are stupid enough to believe it....and he is the only thinking person on earth and why he's so rich.

    19. He's not as rich as he tells everyone. He is banked with other peoples money....he doesn't fool me for a minute.

    20. He is everything Rosie said he is and he didn't want you to hear it. But it is all true.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not quite sure of the point of the bathing suit? But then again...I'm in NH and it's Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr this time of year! As for Donald, I have always liked him and respected his business saavy and determination. I really like his daughter and her mature outlook and business saavy, too (like her dad....errr, do we credit her mom for her upbringing? Oh forget it. We'll just give HER the credit for the hard work she has done in her life at such a young age .)

    Ok, now on to the question... I do not like the nastiness that came out of Donald regarding Rosie. I am not a fan of Rosie but only because I don't find her other reason.

    For Donald to state that Barbara Walters told him on the phone that she did not like Rosie was pure maliciousness and a cowardly way to make stabs at another human being.

    Rosie was in fact, correct. Miss America is supposed to exemplify a prestine example to her peers. Drinking under age in bars is not an example and she should have been FIRED. She merely gave her opinion and the Donald should know that you cannot sue someone for merely stating their opinion. Good Gracious.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Donald Trump is very open about the fact that he will give you special treatment if you are beautiful. He may not mean to, but he does. I think Rosie can be very annoying, but when someone is right, they are simply right. Our Miss USA (which I find stupid too) is looked up to by thousands of young girls and young women, and should not be allowed to get a slap on the wrist for her actions. I drank before I was old enough to, but I wasn't Mr. USA either. I was no role model. That is the difference.

  • 1 decade ago

    I just had to get my opinion voiced.

    Donald talked a little too much crap although most of it is true. It is not good for a celebrity to state is full thoughts to the public when it is so harsh. But I think he was fed up. She has been dissin him a long long time and he had the right to FIGHT BACK.

    All he has is words (Trump dont hit women not even Rosie) to get his opinion out. But sometimes it is better to SHUT UP and hit where it hurts in the pocket book.

    I have never liked Rosie. Not because of her looks but because of her mouth. She his harsh, rude, obnoxious, hateful, ignorant, and vulgar. Have you ever heard her late night show? It can peal paint off a car. Plus she does ruin everything she touches.

    Take a great Magazine I have subscribed too for years. One day it shows up with "Rosie" on the cover and nothing but garbage inside. Has anyone every read her magazines? I think it lasted a year or so and then went belly-up, broke.

    Why? Every picture was about Rosie or her kids or her girlfriend or her pals. Nothing interesting just trash. Tons of photos of her in every pose you could think in your FACE. Lots of trash talkin and such. Lots of Put downs.

    Did you ever read the letters to the editor of her magazine and how she answered them? I never seen anything like it. She was not only flat out rude to her subscribers but over the top. Like telling them if they don't like something to take her magazine and use it for toilet paper or cut out her photo and stick it on the fridge and kiss her a__. It was not funny and no humor just very poor taste. You insult your subscribers and then expect them to renew and give you money. I dont think so. I could not wait for my subscription to run out. That was why her magazine failed. And she was MEAN and RUDE to her employees. Even firing them for no reason, just because.

    She is a Hard Crash Person and she uses her money to get her annoying vulgar messages out to the public. Funny? I dont think so. Sorry, but if I met her I think I might Flatten her Face and I am older than her. She makes me ill.

    Not back to the subject. Trump really is a nice person. Sure he is all about money but he give to many good charities and he helps people. That is what he does as a side line while he is making his billions. Sure his divorces were ugly and not nice but we dont really know the truth behind closed doors. But as a business man and celebrity, he is lightyears ahead of Rosie.

    Go get her Donald. And yes I am an Apprentise Fan. Why not learn from the BEST.

  • 1 decade ago

    Everytime he mentions about money and sueing people to take money. I think of all the lives that were taken in weather disasters, war, cancer and horrible accicents. I think of all the awful things that can happen to a human being and I realize money could never buy their lives back so, to sit there and say I'm going to sue you and take all your money really makes you think about people with so much money. It really makes you think about image in America and who gets their second chances and better treatment than others. I don't care about the fued, but this whole money and power thing saddens me. Nothing is fair, nothing can be seen clearly when people are using their money to gain power and respect.

    I know that their is a god and he isn't digging in your pockets just to make sure you get a place, no he wants to know how many people you saved in a minute, he wants to know how many times you say I love you and I'm sorry, not I think I'll buy 20 cars. It's the fact that you have a worthy soul and that money and power doesn't put you above all eles.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not at all...Rosie stuck her nose into something that didn't involve here in the least...and she got back ten-fold what she dished out. Good for Trump.

    Rosie is not in the position to she she deserved Trump's wrath.

    And Trump's a better role model than Rosie could ever hope to be.

  • C-Man
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I think they both went overboard with their criticism, but Rosie did start the mess by stating her disdain for Trump as a "moral compass"

    Well I don't the Donald attempted to make himself moral compass in this case... He wasn't taking some high & mighty position and proclaiming, "for thine drunkeness and mindless levity, thou shalt not retain thy title, I would NEVER disgrace the crown in such fashion" He simply said "Look, you made a mistake but we're willing to give you a second chance"

    Then she hit a nerve by mentioning his legendary track record of riches-to-rags before riches, and the media hype was on!!!

    I don't consider pageant winners role models to begin with, but I have more respect for institutions who admit to their representatives being flawed & human like everyone else, than those who attempt to present some ridiculous public facade of pristine purity that's uttterly divorced from the real world.

    Kids relate more and listen to someone whose experiences (either good or bad) mirror what they face in their own lives- people who've never done anything wrong, always been perfect? Give me break, kid don't respect that because they know it's just not true. They see it as another weak attempt by adults to make decisions for them.

    It's like the difference between parents who admit that they drank or smoked pot, but the kids better not- and parents who lie to their kids because they feel it sets a better example. I think hypocrisy is far more damaging than unpleasant truths.

    So while they've both fanned the flames for their own ratings, Rosie was the one dumping lighter fluid to begin with.

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