is there a completely free registry cleaner out there if so where can i find it?

some say there free but when you download it it wants you to pay after they found errors

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  • 1 decade ago
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    CCleaner is one of the best system tools. It is completely free with no added 'wares. For registry, I suggest trying Advanced WindsCare. It is free as well. You can purchase an upgrade, but the free version is quite adequate. Just pay attention to each of the fields that it scans, particularly startups. RegCleaner is also available. I would suggest the user be moderate to advanced when using this app, though.

    Source(s): carries all of these apps.
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    use ubuntu linux operating system instead of windows. no registry to clean, no spyware, almost no viruses, and it is completely free. otherwise shell out the cash and buy registry mechanic

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