I received a gift bag with someone else's name on it!?

Last week my friend gave me a gift. Earlier in the week I was joking around saying nobody gets me anything, especially for my birthday since it's in the summer. When she gave me the gift, she mentioned how she felt bad. It was a bottle of shimmer lotion. Later on, I was looking at the bag, and the tag on it said another name. Should I mention this to my friend, or just let it go?

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    be careful! in my family we save gift bags and use them again next year. I get stuff with other people's names on it all the time, because someone else got the same bag a year or two previously.

    if she gave it to you, she meant for you to have it, regardless of whata was written on it. Mentioning it will only make her feel bad, which is not a nice way to thank her for a present! If there is another person who the present had originally been for, your friend knows that and can take care of it on her own.

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    People Recycle bags all the time, it is no big deal. I have been getting my birthday and Christmas presents in the same gift bags since 1990.

    Don't bother mentioning it to her, you could hurt her feelings, she put forth the effort and though to give you something. Just accept it. Chances are a recycled gift bag is all it is. It is very very common. Just look at all the answerer's who are telling you that they do it, heck I have already re-used two gift bags this year.

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    You have nothing better to worry about!!! Let it go.. be grateful that she even gave you a gift, especially since you guilt attacked her into with your birthday "being in the summer and all".

    What kind of logic is that... people's who's birthdays are in the summer are less likely to get gifts ... yeah, maybe, only if your still in school.

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    I would let it go... It could possible be that the gift bag was reused... I did that once when I forgot to take of the tag...I never use the tag, always thinking I will leave it blank for the next person to reuse the gift bag if they so please.

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    Not to worry. She was just re-using a gift bag. Happens all the time.

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    If you do mention it, you might add that you didn't want the other person to miss receiving their gift. It may well be an honest mistake, but don't spend too much time getting to the bottom of this case. They may be embarrassed enough already.

    Be cool.

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    Let it go...clearly a recycled gift bag. Why create conflict and an embarrassing situation for your friend of her oversight?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would politely mention it to your friend. It could something as simple as she re-used the gift bag. If it's bothering you, you should mention something.

    Hope everything works out.

    Source(s): I re-use gift bags all the time, lol.
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    It could be a leftover bag from last year that she reused and maybe she didn't realize someone else's name was on it. I have accidentally done that...it's a simple mistake.

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    I like the first answerer's answer. You might even deliver the gift to the intended recipient yourself, if you happen to know him/her.

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