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Is it safe to take Reactine Allergy pills?

We're to go to my in-laws for Christmas, and they have a cat. I am highly allergic to cat dander, as it triggers my asthma and if I don't have an allergy pill in me, I can't breathe. There is a possiblity that I could be pregnant, however I won't know until the end of the month as I was only ovulating last week- so if I am pregnant, I would only be a couple of weeks pregnant. I'm wondering if taking the allergy pill for 3-4 days could harm anything even this early in a pregnancy (which I don't even know if I am). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just call our OBGYN and ask. Or even your PCP.

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    5 years ago

    what style of hypersensitive reaction pill (like what's the perceive of it) and do you already understand the measurement of it (grams or ccs or some element). i ought to think of of that your often happening indicators and indicators as for this reason your hypersensitive reaction pills (like teary eyes or groggyness or maybe if) must be better useful, yet you does not have any severe lasting section-outcomes from it. the suitable ingredient you're able to do is to earnings the bottle or the prescription if its prescription to verify what it says if something. in case you initiate THROWING UP (which isn't possibly yet ought to opt to take place) then you definately ought to opt to pass to the well being center interior the present. decrease back i think of of you have to be in basic terms super, i do no longer think of of certainly everybody has ever died from taking 2 hypersensitive reaction pills, yet as quickly as you fall ill from it you definately ought to opt to verify a doctor.

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