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Have you experience problems with LA Fitness?

Especially, women. I have met one other female member who had the same experience as me. LA Fitness "says" one thing but on the contract it says something else. And they distract you and they go so super fast when going over the contract - and they deliberetly cause distractions, like other employess will come and joke with you or make small talks and this interruption will happen again and again. This will break you chain of thoughts in case you have a question and then like an A$$ you'll be tricked into signing the contract without seeing what's in it.

Has this happened to you?

Also, if they over charge you by THEIR mistake, they still won't refund your money.

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    The whole nature of contract law is based on the premise that you have consented to the terms of the contract -- which implies that they have been read and understood by you.

    If you are not being afforded the opportunity to adequately read and digest the contract terms then you should NEVER affix your signature to it.

    You have not asserted your rights up front in this situation. You need to exercise more assertiveness during the reading phase.

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