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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsOther - Family & Relationships · 1 decade ago

Why does he do this?

Every Christmas since my bf and I have been together (this is our 3rd) I have splurged on his 9 yr old son. I buy him everything that he asks for. Then on Christmas he opens all MY gifts to him and he says, "oh, gee, thanks" with this look of disgust on his face. Then he just throws them to the side. He also does this to my parents' gifts as well. It really hurts my feelings. It also made my parents very mad. I would understand if I bought him underwear or something. But if it's something that he has been asking for for months why isn't he happy with it? Is it just because it's me? I mean his father could wrap up a used candy wrapper and he would be so excited over it. I just don't understand. I know he likes me because we get along very well every other day. But why does he insist on ruining every Christmas for me? He knows how much this hurts me. So why does he do it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you sure you are getting along well or is it just your idea? Does he need more attention from you than money? Does he miss his mother /receive gifts from her? If you really have a good relationship with him, simply ask him if there is something that bothers him. Tell him you do not intend to replace anyone in his heart, that you are just another person in his life who wants to show love and affection to him and that it hurts the feeling of your parents, as well as yours, to throwing away their gifts without an excuse - I bet he wouldn't like to hurt the feelings of his parents at least, if not yours, or would he?

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