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35 weeks, Just wondering if?

well, the baby dropped a month ago and two 1/2 weeks ago i was 1 cm dialated. i am currently on bed rest to try to get me to the 37 week mark. Last night i had a dream about my water breaking and i guess its cause im thinking he may come early. Have any of you been in this situation? What happened with you? did you make it to term or have him/her early?

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    im going thru that right know good luck too you

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    Iam 35 nearly 36 weeks and my baby is completely dropped and full engaged at station 5. If i were dialated he'd pretty much be crowning.

    That happened at about 33 weeks? 32 weeks? I dont remember exactly.

    Iam effacing, but not dialating yet, as best as i know, i get checked next week.

    I wasnt put on bedrest at all.... That really blows, being stuck in bed. Iam still up and about doing daily activities.

    But everythings is fine with me :) Not that our situations are identical, but theyre pretty similar.

    Although I imagine we both will go early.

    Hows the first or second week of Jan sound? Thats what iam hoping for. Walking around with a grapfruit up my crotch isnt exacly my idea of a merry christmas... lol, some babies are just in a hurry.

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    Yes you can start Dialating Long before you have the baby.

    I was dialated 4 cm for the last 2 weeks.

    I didn't start labor until I was 5 cm dialated.

    She was born right on time.

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    I was in a different situation and developed severe preeclampsia during week 34 and had an emergency c-section on day one of week 35. Obviously the baby was early, but he is now 2 and in perfect health. I guess right now the key for you is to try not to stress about it. That is the hardest thing to do, but it is what I would recommend.

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    God!! I've been on bedrest since 30 weeks because i was dilated 1 cm and I was effaced and they put me on meds to stop the contractions. I'm now 37 weeks and it's been a week since the doc took me off the meds and I lost my mucus plus a week ago. Still waiting, hopefully in the next week or so I'll deliver but my date is for Jan 18th

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    Most specialists agree that it is quite normal to dream of giving birth during the last trimester, especially the weeks close to your due date.

    Dreams are often warning signs or our subconcious fears. If the doctor has reassured you that everything is normal, I would chalk it up to fears. However, to ensure that is the case, I would certainly recommend following through with the bedrest.

    Most of all, try not to worry. Good luck.

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    My neice is going through this, her water actually broke a week ago so she is in for a dry birth. If you stay on bed rest, you should be able to make it although, you have started to dilate, you may not make it, be prepared. Good luck.

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    my son started to dropp and 32 weeks but i started to dialate at 5 mnths, and with alot of rest and no strenious activity you should be just fine, congrats and good luck

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    my son droped early and i always dreamed that i had him or was in labor but i made it till 37-38 weeks i think ull b fine just take it easy

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    I dont really have an answer, but I have to say something. You women are really something. I respect and honor you all. You have cramps most your life, and menopause, and for ten months you bare a child. You very brave and incredible; really amazing.

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