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Why won't my system restore work anymore? I've noticed this since the AVG flooder.ake problem?

I've noticed that System Restore no longer works on my computer, and will not restore to earlier dates. Each time I've tired to use it, the only options available for the last month or so, have been something called "system checkpoint".

When I tried to restoring to "system checkpoint", nothing happened. Even when I went back a few months where there were "restore operation" options, nothing happened. My computer just told me "your computer can not be restored to that earlier time".

When I checked system properties, system restore seems to be turned on. I didn't notice this problem until the flooder.ake problem with AVG a few weeks ago. I uninstalled AVG and my computer seems to be running fine, but I can't do a system restore. I had this problem when the flooder.ake items were in the vault, and even after I uninstalled avg. If anyone needs more detail, my previous questions here on Yahoo Answers might be helpful. Thanks

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    I suggest before you do a restore, try to do disk cleanup and defrag. Then do the restore in safe mode to a date before the 'flooder.ake' problem occured. .. If this works and your computer is okay, create a new restore point every day. Then after about 7 or 8 creation points, remove previous restore points by cleaning up the restore points using 'Disk cleanup' and clicking on 'More options'. When you do this all restore points will be removed except the last 7 or 8 points according to my experience for XP SP2.

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