Does anyone have any easy Christmas children games?

Every Christmas eve we have gift giving games for the adults. This year I want to give the kids their turn to have some fun too. Something simple. There are five children ages 3-12. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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    How many words can you spell with the letters in CHRISTMAS.

    Guess how many candy canes are in the jar.

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    I would think a little karaoke they could sing a little,if you want to buy one. go to thee GIANT TIGER,they sell them at 39.99dollars,but i live in Canada and they have 6 cdg disc that come with the machine and 2 mikes with it,and 1 cdg for only for small children's and the other are for grown grand-children's love it when they come at my place.or by them the old lady cards that is very interesting.or a shared game,books that they could read for the family that's fun to,monopoly for children's,a titato game,little rubber sleight to go and slide with the parents,a easy way oven they could make little cakes for your guest and every body could help and watch the children's at the same time.children's movies that you could all watch then together,or buy little gifts at the dollars store and put what you've got and place them any were in the house and let the kids try to fine them,that works wonderful at granny house or yours.

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    I used to set up treasure hunts for the kids, with clues hidden throughout the house. So you hand them a clue, it hints that the next clue is under the TV. The TV clue hints that the next clue is on the mantel, etc. There's a prize at the end of the clues.

    I guarantee that they'll beg you to set up another treasure hunt!

    A clue might be something like: "Watch me, use a remote to control me. I'll give you Barney, rug ratz or your favorite DVD."

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    1 decade ago

    Hmm I dont know of any Christmas games (like gift giving) for children...But childrens games are alwys fun..My parents always give us more board games and card games for x mas...from clue, to uno (with the little card shooter thingy) lol, Mad gab...stuff like that, and it gets kids thinking and brings them closer!

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    1 decade ago

    Christmas Carrol competition, each kid would sing and then the best one wins.

    Guessing the raindeer's names

  • It's called present fight...same rules as snowball fight, only keep the breakables as pass-arounds. lol

  • 1 decade ago

    put them all in a big rubber box and see how long it takes for them to get out

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