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iodine side effects?

I have to get a thyroid scan and yesterday they gave me an iodine radiation pill. Does anyone know if there are any side effects from this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Im hoping that you were given some information on precautionary measures you should be taking after this treatment.

    You should avoid prolonged contact with others for 2 weeks, stay away from kids and pregnant women completely and dont use public transport for 2 weeks. If people are going to be around you they should limit any time to 15 minutes unless they are staying more than arms length from you then limit time to 2 hours.

    Thie isnt the best time of year to be given this treatment. The precautionary measures dont allow for a lot of socialising and they are in place to protect others from any kind of radiation exposure.

    As for side efects on you, there doesnt seem to be very many.

    Radioactive iodine treatment has few side effects, and these occur infrequently.

    A sore throat may occur a few days after the treatment, which can be treated with acetaminophen/paracetamol.

    Rarely, the salivary glands may swell, which is caused by the iodine and not the radioactivity. Some physicians believe that sucking hard candies for a few days can prevent this.

    Mild nausea may develop for a few hours after the iodine is taken, so it is best not to eat two hours before and two hours after the iodine administration.

    My grandad is having this same thing done next month and we were advised of all the above things by his specialist.

    I hope you feel the benefits from your trament within the next few weeks.



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