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Do aliens or ghosts exist?

I hear all these stories from supposedly "authentic" sources that ghosts or aliens exist. I wonder, do they really exist, or is it just a bunch of thousands of people who want attention? I figure, if they existed, we would have it on the news as evidence, rather than only having the "story" of a person. Any takes on this?

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    Since its impossible to prove a negative, I can only say that there has never NEVER been any reliable proof or evidence of visitations by either ghosts or beings from another planet.

    Belief in the spirits of those that have died taps into both a primitive fear of death with loss of personal identity and a need to explain what cannot be explained.

    As for visits from beings from other planets, I have always wondered why aliens that have managed to build a technology to cover that vast distances needed to visit from other star systems, would always choose to spend their time with a farm hand from Kansas or a peasant from Central America. If I was visiting another civilization, I would want to meet with the leaders and brightest minds of that culture.

    Also considering the distances involved and our present technology, any alien cultures that approach the level of visiting us would probably be detected via observatories. Actually they would probably try and contact us initially via radio or light transmissions long before any actual physical contact.

    Finally as for the thousands of people that claim extraterrestial experiences, some are mistaken but I do believe most are frauds.They want not only fame but profit. For every legitimate scientist and researcher, we have 10 snake oil salesman and quacks. Probably because the educational and certification process is much easier for becoming a fake that it is for becoming a Phd.

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    I believe we would be extremely arrogant to think we were the only life force in the universe, however i don't believe they visit and abduct people. As for ghosts or spirits, i have had quite a ew encounters that defy logical explanation and firmly believe they exist, i even have a few photos. A lot of paramormal activity can be explained but some cam't. However there are a lot of nutcases out there whom i am sure are just attention seeking.

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    Aliens do exist. I see a zombie is sitting right in the White House.

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    ...I will believe when I see a alen's gosht.

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    If you believe they do ;)

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