How do I approach a neighbor regarding noise?

I have noisey upstias neighbors. They vaccuum, do laundry, have kids screaming and running around all past 10 o'clock at night, sometimes until 2 in the morning. I think it is inconsiderate when the washing machine is bouncing around while I am trying to sleep. Any suggestions as to how to approach them without making enemies?

PS. they live on the top floor so I am not sure if they realize the level of noise they make.

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    Talk to them politely next time you see them about not doing some noisy chores after 10pm or so. Let them know that you understand that apartments are loud and they can't help it, but that it really is bothering you and you're trying to be understanding.

    The noise that you hear before 10pm is just going to have to be an annoying part of life to deal with.

    Next time you hear them past 10pm (not walking sounds, but the washer or vacuum cleaner), go knock on the door, in your bathrobe and looking sleepy, and ask them to keep it down.

    After that, start keeping a record of the date and time and noise and turn it in to your apt. manager each time.

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    That is really tough. We have 3 floors in our building, and I live on the 2nd floor. Above me is a guy who lives alone, but I swear can make more noise than you would believe just doing normal stuff, (no loud music, etc.), and then below us is a woman who freaks out if she hears anything. She kept coming up and asking us to be quiet and we had no idea what we had done. Finally, I told her that we didn't know what she was hearing and to explain it. She had never lived in an apartment before and there will be some breakthrough noise, but by making us more aware that every noise is heard below us in a polite manner, we were willing to be more conscientious of the noise. Hopefully the same is true with your neighbor upstairs---just go in a non threatening way, and tell them that you're sure they are not aware how much noise carries in the building, but you have to work at such and such a time or whatever, and sometimes it's difficult to sleep. Our neighbor above us too was good when we let him know it was pretty loud---he quietens it down, it's just getting him to hear you ask him to quieten down. ;-) Good luck with this. It is a difficult situation.

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    Yes, between 11: 00 PM and 7:00 am. excess noise is regarded as a nuisance. The people to get in touch with first are your local council, seeing that their employees are responsible for the noise you will get a rapid response. Our bins and recycling bags/boxes are emptied at about 7:15 am, we are first on their route.

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    I think you should go up at a time when they're in but it's quiet. No one likes it when little brats are screaming, not even their parents, so I'm sure the noise has them stressed too. Make sure it's a quiet time so that everyone's a bit calmer, that way it'll be easier to be polite about it.

    If that doesn't work and you're in rented accomodation, talk to your landlord to see if they can sort it out.

    It sounds pessimistic, but if that doesn't work, you might just have to move. That's what's happened to me. It's not fair that you should have to move when it's them making your life hell, but your priority is to look after yourself and make sure you're happy with where you live. Good luck sorting it out!

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    You can always file a complaint with the landlord if you are not on friendly terms with the neighbors.

    If you are on friendly terms with them you can always politely point out that they apparent building has thin walls and you can often hear a lot of what is going on. If it wouldn't be too much trouble if they could try to keep it down after a certain hour that would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think I'd try to catch them as they are coming or going and just ask them politely if they know how much noise they make. If they're rude about it, then I'd go to the landlord. They just may not realize how much noise they do make. Of course you could get up super-early and direct some stereo speakers toward the ceiling. ;)

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    If you know them and they are good neighbors otherwise, talk with them. Let them know about your schedule.

    Otherwise, the law may be on your side. There are very likely noise ordinances on the books - usually no loud noises past 10 on week nights. Ask the police. Seriously.

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    exept it if you are going to live the "apartment" or "condo" life... make some noise yourself at 8 o'clock in the morning when they are still in bed... otherwise get into a house.... I have been there and the apartment life is just that and in the long run in aint going away until you get into a house... rent one if you cant buy one. you will be MUCH happier

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    They probably are not aware of the nose level. However, just keep in mind depending on who they are as human beings it may be a bad deal no matter how nice you are in saying it. Just say something to them in a calm and quiet manner. hopefully they are understanding polite individuals. good luck and God bless****

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    i think you should meet up with them and talk to them about it. If they are rude to you or they don't stop, have the landlord file an anonyimus complant.

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