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I love my motherland - how to translate this in eighteen Indian main languages?

I love my motherland

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My dear friend

    Here is the translation for

    'I love my motherland in one of those 18 Indian languages called

    Malayalam. The language 'Malayalam' is spoken in a state on the south of India called Kerala.

    Here is the translation

    "Njan(means I) ente(my) mathru rajyathe(motherland) snehikunnu(love)


    *Njan ente mathru rajyathe snehikunnu*

    I don't know any of the other Indian languages better.

    but i can suggest you one thing

    Post the same question in Sports/cricket of yahoo answers. A lot of Indians from different part of the country shall always be there.

    And beg them a pardon for putting the question in the wrong section of yahoo answers

    They shall surely help you

    Good Luck

    And I think the translation of 'I love my motherland in 'Hindi' the main language of India is

    *Mei apne mathru rajyu se pyar kartha hai*

    But I am not sure...


    *Happy Christmas and a wonderful newyear*

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