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Are the ocean beaches in and around New York City cleaner or dirtier than they were 30 years ago?

I used to swim there as a kid but I wouldn't do that now. Have I changed or has the water changed?

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    Generally cleaner, many new laws limit what and how things can be thrown into the ocean, and although imperfectly enforced they have helped the situation.

    However clean is a subjective term, and some types of trash may decrease while others may increase.

    As for the medical waste washing up on beaches, yes that is bad, it is a result of the disposable plastics items used in the medical industry that were not as common 30 years ago. Many of the syringes etc that are going to be seen on beaches are more likely to have been dropped by individuals, and are unlikely to be the actual result of dumping by the medical industry.

    Another interesting thing about polution is that when we become more aware of it, we point out the flaws and bad examples more often. There may be more news stories about polution now, but there was more polution by most measures 30 years ago.

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    Cleaner. Reason, the federal government has put restrictions where hospitals could dump their red bag waste. It's over 200 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean. In the 1980s, it was 100 miles. Back in the mid 80s, hospital waste washed ashore at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island. This created an outrage. And the problem was cleaned up.

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    They are dirtier then they were 30 years ago. NYC is one of the many states that produces the most air and water pollution. So don't worry, if I were you, I wouldn't go swimming in those beaches either ... or any beach at this point.

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    maybe not 30 years ago....

    I haven't been swimming around NY since the early 80's

    it wasn't too bad until hospital waste started washing up on the shores in the early 80's

    fishing has returned to the area .... so the water isn't too bad now, but I wouldn't swim in it

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    you will grow fins and another head but you won;t have to worrry abot paying child support because you won;t have any. the water stone cold intensive chemical soup. i wouldn't go there in an aluminum boat. maybe cross on the ferry. i always gtake the bridge. its an acid bath. its full of things that are moving arond the thrash and dead bodies. yes! dead bodies, i have seen dozens just belowthe survice with parts bitten off or just rotted and falling off. but the little livethings are not regular sea creatures i have eve seen een on tv. they look like little scaley monkeys with big clawed hands. cannot see their feet. but when the qjuickly surfae now and then they make a deep glutteral cound sort of like a bad fart. yes, you can smell them early in the nmorning. i run near the edge every morning before work then i go into the reynolds building. cannot keep thinking about those things. afriad to tell the cops they are so arrogant and stand there and mock you. lol

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    on the same time as Coney Island is in all risk technically on the Atlantic Ocean, it particularly is extra of a sea coast in decrease enormous apple Harbor. the 1st publically available Atlantic Ocean sea coast is in all risk Riis Park in Queens, accompanied through a procedures Rockaway in Queens.

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