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what's wrong with my dog?

I have a year and a half year old St. Bernard. She has always seemed to be a little uncoordinated when she walked, especially her back legs seemed to bow in. within the last two days we have noticed a very large lump on her back. It is about the size of someone's head, but it moves around when she lays a certain way. It seems to cause her pain. Please help because although she needs to see a vet, i would like some ideas as to what this could be

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    please seek medical attention for your dog.

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    You definately want to see a vet asap, this could really be anything a turmor, a cancer lump, perhaps it's nothing but just a bump. Whatever the case you definately want to see a vet because honestly no one on here is going to tell you what it definately is, they'll make suggestions or play around with it, but in the end a vet will know.

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    It sounds like a very large tumor. You need to get her to a vet asap.

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