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can any girl help me I think I might be prego and I do not know what to do please I need your help?

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    Well for starts just take a test!!

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    The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and calm down. Are you late? Do you have any symptoms? Go to this website:

    it will ask you some questions and based on your answers it will tell you if you might be or not. It is NOT a pregnancy test it just helps you out a lil bit. If you think that you are take a HPT or go to your nearest clinic and take a test. Give us some more details so that we can help you out better!

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    You should take 2 test to find out. It's preferred to take one in the morning, when you first wake up, because that's when your hormones are higher, and there are a lot of signs to help you realize if you are pregnant or not, so check out this address....if you do find out that you are, immediately get under a doctor, Congratulations if you are! If you need any more help, you can contact me at

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    well you have to consider your age, if you think you can raise a child, and is the father involved. if you prego its also a blessing. i had my son when i was 19 and have done it on my own ever since. and i to this day am glad i kept him. i do believe he is gift sent from heaven since i can't have anymore. i hope you consider things before you make a big decision. and if you want to talk you can alway im me at georgiapeach19us. i hope i could help and things go well.... happy holidays

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    i heard that when u get pregnant,

    you'll have blacker nipples and stuff.

    and feel like vomitting all the time.

    have weird appeities.

    ARE U EXPERIENCING all these?

    although abortion might be cruel.

    but it is better to kill it now then later.

    (if u dont manage to bring the child up well)

    having a child means u have to sacrifice..

    not having the best.

    u have to choose a cheaper top instead of the one that u really like that is expensive!

    u have to think of ur baby before yourself.

    u're freedom would be more or less taken away from you..

    so is that what u want?

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    Kinda vague, but are your breast tender? That was my first tell sign with both of my children. Are you picking up scents more? I mean smelling things stronger? Take a test but make sure that you've make sure that you've missed it by 5 days or you really won't get results.

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    Take a test to make sure and if in fact you are you need to call your doctor and let them know.Other than that I don't know what other kinda help your looking for.....

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    Take a test to find out if you are. If so, Go to your local Health Department- they can direct you in the right direction

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    First things first, find out for sure if you're pregnant...then call the OB and make the first of many appointments. Prenatal care is very important and you need start it right away.

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    Take a test

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