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Who should I start for my Championship game?

Who should I start this week for WR:

Keyshawn Johnson vs Atl

TJ Houshman vs

Mike Furrey vs Chicago

Andre Johnson vs Indy

Also, should I start Eli Manning vs. NO or JP Losman vs Tenn.

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    Even though Eli has struggled lately I would go with him over Losman. He's likely to be playing from behind and be forced to throw more. Tenn only managed 98 yards of Offense last week so I doubt the same can be said for Losman. As for WR I would go with TJ. He has the best chance of getting into the endzone. Kitna had a horrible week last week and will be just as bad @ Chicago. This hurts Furrey's value. Houston is terrible and can't score. If they do get in the endzone it will probably be Dayne. Last but not least Delhomme has an injury to his thumb, it has affected his accurrecy the past couple of weeks. That puts a damper on Keyshawn. So i think your best bets are Eli and TJ Whosyomama. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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    Mike Furrey vs Chicago.!!!

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    houshmanzada and manning

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