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Ovulate and be pregnant? Time sensitive question....?

There is a small chance that I may be pregnant(long story), but since we don't know yet, but it's my ovulation time and we want to have another baby, I need to know if "you" still ovulate while pregnant. I am using an ovulation kit to pick what is my most fertile day and if my ovulation days don't show up on any of the tests-it could mean that I'm pregnant already-IF "you" don't ovulate while pregnant. I only have a few days, I need imput and my Dr. is on vacation (jerk). Thanks.


I'm having prenancy symptoms, but the Dr. says my levels might be to low to read right now, that's the problem. Also we are trying to have a boy and following a rule to have a better chance at a boy-whether that will work or not.

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    I only conceived about 9 days ago..... I went in for blood work, and my Dr said he wont clasify me pregnant 'til my levels are over 2,600........I KNOW Im pregnant....... Signs and symptoms that are unusual for me....... Some women ovulate twice .... Not likely, but they do.........I would say if your signs are ovulation listen to your body.......

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    No, you don't ovulate while pregnant. But if you take an ovulation kit test and it says that you are ovulating, you might be ovulating or you might be pregnant. Do what you need to get pregnant and take another ovulation kit in a week, when you are more likely to NOT be ovulating. If it still says you are ovulating, you could be pregnant since the ovulation tests work as an "unofficial" pregnancy test.

    Don't try one way or another to have a particular sex of a baby. God will give you who you are meant to raise.

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    no, women dont ovulate when they are pregnant. If you say that there's a chance that you might already be pregnant, and now is your ovulation time, I am guessin that you tried to conceive during your last cycle? So if thats the case, and if you got pregnant, you would miss your period.... and you would know if you are or not..

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    No you can't ovulate during pregnancy. If you may already be pregnant then take a test. If you mean that you think you ovulated early then you'll just have to wait. I say go ahead and have sex anyway. It certainly can't hurt anything.

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    No, you dont ovulate while your pregnant. BUT....I've heard many women say they get positive ovulation tests while pregnant because the LH surge spikes early in pregnancy. They use the ovulation tests as pregnancy tests sometimes.

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    You're not supposed to ovulate when you're pregnant, but it has been known to happen. There are cases where a woman was pregnant with "twins" where one was a month or so older than the other. But it's very rare.

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    No, you can not ovulate and be pregnant..

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