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Question about evolution?

If evolution is true,why are there seeds?

Why do the largest seeds produce the smallest fruit and smalest seeds produce the largest fruit?

If you say evolution had to provide a way to feed life?Evolution is a theory;kind of an inanimate thing,and to say evolution had to do this that and other thing; your giving evolution a living and intelligent quality wich can't be true;cause evolution it's self is not alive.Which makes more sense?It just evolved or a creator knew to provide sustinance for the life He created?

Would it not make sense that bigger fruit should have bigger seed?And vise versa?But it's not like that.Why?

Mustard seed is the smallest seed,yet it produces a large tree,watermelons are a big fruit but also have small seeds.Peaches are a small fruit but have big seeds.Apples and oranges are descent sized,but they also have some small seeds.

Is it just me,or is there something wrong with evolution?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Er, you're kidding, right?

    What you're saying here makes no sense at all.

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