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Is it fair to remove religion from belief structure?

I do not think that a belief system requires a "religion".

I do think every religion has truth to it, but because mans nature is to make it "personal", that all "religions" have added points, doctrines,traditions, and belief structures that make them personalized.

That is why, now, there are churches breaking off from their "parent" affiliations.

Be it gay propositions, idolatry recognitions, or Papacy influences.

Try not to judge another based on your own understanding.

Just understand your judgement to your needs.


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    I agree. Religion and spirituality are two completely different things. We do need spirituality, but not religion.

    Religion gives God a bad name!

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    Wow.. it's great to finally see someone that I share beliefs in. While I had been born into a White, Catholic family, I consider myself a Buddhist, but that's mostly because my beliefs are pretty much the same as Buddhist beliefs.

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    Religion is evil and it strips away the diginity of men. It is only a crutch. A belief system is much more important.

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    religion per se is of very little importance.

    what is important is YOUR personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    don't get hung up on "religion".

    please read John 3:1-16

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    People don't need the Dogmas and bigotries taught by religions to worship god.

    Tammi Dee

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    Religion to me is the most important thing.

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