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what should I do when someone thinks i am friends with them, but what they dont know is i HATE them!?

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    wow what a B i T c Hy thing to do!

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    Hmmm.... sometimes the things we hate in others is really a mirror looking back at us with what we HATE about Ourselves...Maybe there is a lesson to learn from this person. If not then be kind and let that person know you have no time in your busy life at the moment to give to another friendship. Then let them go.

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    Just try to keep it real with that person, sit them down and remind them of all the things that they've done to you and ease out the words" and since you did all of that, that really made dislike you so if you could just bagg back and give me fifty feet, that would take a load off me". and walk away, but watch your back because that person might come charging at you.

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    So why do you hate them? Yeah there are some people I hate & I just have to pretend to like them, even when they really bug me. It sucks... Maybe you can be a little mean to them & they might get the hint to leave you alone....

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  • JustMe
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    1 decade ago

    Well you can stop being fake. If you hate them and they think your friends it means your fake when around them. When I hate someone, they know it.

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    well first hate is a strong word if the person did somthing to make you hate them dont you think theywould know and second if you talk to them like they are your friend to make them think that you are just beinf two faced

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    hey, u shoud try 2 know and undrstand them first. if u really hate them thn u should speak 2them and theymay understand.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    don't pretend, be yourself. call a spade a spade. when a person offends you and you don't feel good about it, tell that person and get over with it, how will you feel if it were you someone else doin that to?

  • Mimi
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    1 decade ago

    Aw that is sad. Just avoid/ignore them. THey'll get it eventually.

  • 1 decade ago

    did you ever git to know them or are you just going on hearsay and you want to be angry for some reason

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