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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

Why do Latino people in support of illegal aliens like to call American cold, inhumane, with no family values?

when did this start, 20 years ago if any latin person said such a thing they would have been thought of as crazy

I hear again and agian that white Americans are cold and have a weak family unit or something

first of all it's tottaly false, second of all that's our choice , so how is that anything other than a ethnocentric jab to white people

every time I go to the Mexico forum all the people will say we should be happy for these illegals becuase they will save America from it's moral deacay, does this crap make anyone else dizzy and confused as to what peoplec are smoking in latin America


We are going to be saved from damnation by criminals and liars

Update 2:

krh get off it,,, im tlaking about the family values crap not racism here,,anyway if you think a lot of latinos are not a reverse version of adolf hitler,,you can't see clearly

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  • Yakuza
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    It suits their bias mentality and thus gives them false

    justification for their criminal acts.This rhetoric is simply that, its

    pro illegal propaganda,propagated by the same people that marched in our streets,desecrated our flag and disrespect our nation and its legal citizens.Committing a criminal act doesn't show "family values" to me.Stealing anothers ID is not "wholesome" Its criminal and its just more BS from the foolish people that support this anti American movement.

    I am a proud American,native born,I love and respect my family and help them,love them and support them totally.Just like many other Americans do every day.

    Tell me why there are so many crimes committed by illegals and tell me why there are domestic battery's ,drunk driving,hit and run

    robbery's etc by theses people that have such so called

    "family values"If they were such good people why the high crime-rate committed by Mexicans and other Hispanics.It should be zero if they are wonderful and law abiding .Right?

    All people do these things .Mexicans are no different.I cant recall the last time I read about a beheading done by Americans,in America.And yet it happens in Mexico all the time.Where were the family values then? Its just BS like I said promoted

    by Anti American supporters.Nothing more.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You forgot that it is possible to make a research in your profile. And I did a research in your profile and found out that you have never visited the Mexican forum to ask questions or answer. If you did I doubt very much you would receive the kind of answers you said you received. What don't you really ask it in Spanish at the Mexican Yahoo! Answers?

    "Ustedes creen que los estado-unidense deverían alegrarse porque immigrantes ilegales de México están vindo para acá?"

    Then you can give me the answers. You can use an automatic translator or you can give it to me so that I can translate it to you. I'd love to.

    Nice to know that you lie to prove your points, you're not the first one that does it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I'm not white, but believe me I know what your talking about most criminals want to justify their acts or point fingers when they know they are wrong. If mexicans believe they have the such great morals and family values why is Mexico so messed up because most of them are corrupt that's why. Don't believe the crap and sob stories from the sources you are getting this information from they just want to slowly take over this country 10 babies at a time. I'm sick and tired of them and I believe that most Americans particularly in the south and west coast are getting tired of them and really seeing what types they are, liars and thieves simple as that.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am a Latino and I don't agree with the other Latino views. I don't agree with illegal aliens in our country. I believe that Americans for the most part are very compassionate and truthful in what they think is humane. If not there wouldn't be the United Way or American Red Cross. I was born and raised in America, educated and love my country. I was recently asked if my "parents native country" was in a war and the US, which on would I fight with. The US of course. This is my country, my ancestry is Puerto Rico, I was nor born nor raised or stepped foot on soil. I did go for 3 days when I was a kid, but I don't think that counts. Point is, and bottom line is if you do come to this wonderful country, obey the rules, pay taxes, don't form gangs and and become hoodlums.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What is a White American? No such thing. We need to stop classifying people by their race or color, we are all Americans. America can save itself - all we have to do is get everyone no matter what race/religion to work together and make this a better world to live in. The latinos(in reality everyone) need to stop and think that without America they would not be here making a living - so it goes hand in hand - America needs the workers and the workers need America. So lets stop with the finger pointing and lets make this a better place to live/work.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am a white American. I am compassionate. I do volunteer work to help out those less fortunate. I do not donate to charity, as my tax money supports enough of the less fortunate. I am very commited to my family, and we have very strong christian values, similar to those people that started this great country. I also know the difference between right and wrong. Illegal is wrong.

  • 1 decade ago

    Simple, it is easier to sit and point fingers rather than admit that illegal immigration is against the law and the people who are in our country illegally are criminals due to the fact that they break that law. I believe it is our government that is smoking the stuff that you are accusing the latinos of smoking due to their "do nothing" approach to securing our borders. As far as being happy for these people .....well I believe in taking care of family first the same as the next guy and as my mother used to say, charity begins at home. All those jobs and healthcare, and education should go to the natural born citizens of our country and until there is not one single homeless person, one single person getting healthcare, one single person with an opportunity to find work then we should hound anyone who is here illegally back to their country of origin.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, it is pretty much one of the oldest political tricks in the world. Since they can't really give a valid answer as to why they believe it is OK for them to enter this country illegally, take jobs away from Americans, take full advantage of our social services without paying one dime into the system, and export a significant percentage of the profits out of the country to the relatives they left behind they simply call the character of those who disagree with them into question in an attempt to make them look like the bad guys.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In all honesty, if it bothers you so much then please dont go to the Mexico forum. And comments like that are not meant to target white "Americans" in general. It is meant for the people who wish harm on other people because of their legal status. That dont think of the families and what would happen to them if say their father got deported, who would suport them? These people only seem to be thinking about how these latinos are ruining their lives, when in most cases they arent even affected by any thing that is going on with the lation community.. I hope that answered your question.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They will say anything to make themselves feel better. Yes most pro-illegal immigrants are, Latino, or have some tie to illegals like, husband, wife, b/f or g/f, so yes they tend to see just one side. If so called family values is living 20 or 30 to a house, they can keep their family values.

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