What should I get my 34-year-old girlfriend for Christmas?

I want to get her something useful, but I just don't know what. She's going to school for welding, and working full time, so I haven't seen her too much latley. Actully, for about a month. She is a beautiful slender woman that when she tells people that she welds, they are generally in disbelief. She is working so hard, at both school, (She's on her way to a 4.0+!!) and works about 10 hours a day. I'm very proud of her, and I want to get her something great. She's got Coach purses, only wear's one kind of perfume, shoes like mad, so I'm stuck. Please help me out!!

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    1 decade ago
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    If you are interested in marrying her, now is a perfect time to ask her. Any Spa treatment or Mani/Pedi is great idea. You can't go wrong with jewelry. Anything to make her life easier is great, too, like a car starter/trunk opener/alarm or one of those things that lets you turn your lights on before you get in the house, even a garage door opener is good. Also, since she is getting ready to graduate, a nice classic-looking interview suit is something she will need soon.

    Whatever you do, if you are not giving her an engagement ring, don't give her something in a ring-sized box. If you want to give her earrings or a necklace, try putting them on a teddy bear or other stuffed animal. Last year, I was so excited when my boyfriend came toward me with that little box. We were at his family's house and everyone was there and had already opened all the other gifts. I was SURE he was going to ask me, then I opened it. The gift he gave me was beautiful and very expensive, but everytime I put it on I remember how disappointed I was.

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    A day at the spa, so that she can get pampered.

    I can relate. I did the something similiar; single mother of two young kids and has was going to school full time with a 4.0 for electronics and working as a store manager full time.

    Good for her and the best to the both of you.

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    Get her stuff for welding!! If she doesn't already have it all. Or maybe you could get her jewelry, women always love jewelry. If that's not really what you are looking for then clothes are always good. Maybe you could make her a get-away package since she is working so hard. Make reservations for a spa get-away one weekend and wrap up and give her the reservation confirmation with a new robe and slippers maybe. Just something to help her relax and take a break for one weekend.

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    I second a day at the spa, or a nice dainty necklace showing your affection and appreciation of her.

    Does she need a nice school bag or carrier?

    No matter what, I am sure she would enjoy a nice spa day, seeing how hard she works and what a great woman she is to you.

    Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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  • Cobalt
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    1 decade ago

    Gift certificate for a spa in the area. Make sure it's one that has hours that she can get to at some point!

  • 1 decade ago

    take her for a full body massage/spa! that could possible relax her. or to a resort somewhere where you both could hand out and be a couple. then top it off with a set of diamond earrings and roses beside a candle light dinner.

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    Jewelry is always a safe bet. How about a special pendant or charm bracelet? She will always think of you when she wears them.

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    Get in Victoria's Secret and buy her some exclusive baby doll, silk night gown or something similar. She will love it!

  • 1 decade ago

    Well you can never go wrong with Jewelry......or you could make her a photo album with pictures of the two of you, which is a little more personal, and has a little more thought into it

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