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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesTheater & Acting · 1 decade ago

acting please help me?

im a 18 m, im about to be goin to colleage i wanted to be a plastic sergeon but my real dream would be a actor i wanna be up there with paul walker, leanardo decaprio, and all those..i wanna get the big stuff. i have played so many parts and faked so many accents flawlessly, austrailain, london, british, russain, southern, northern, even up there in new york, i have played numerous jokes, were i have pretended to be someone im not and they were none the wiser. i love the camera, i love to act, i love to play roles, i just ain't ever messed with school plays. someone asked me if i have ever tryied to start modeling, i been working my *** off to get the perfect body, and i been tryin so hard to get my skin clear and flawless. does any one know where i can send pics or something so i can get some place to even call or email me or something, or do u know somewhere i can try to get ahold of. any advice u can give me. i need some advice....

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    if ur american send ur pics to img or elite

    if ur canadian send them to (that who i'm with)

  • Stina
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    1 decade ago

    The easiest way to possibly get a modeling contract is to send 2 pictures of yourself (one head shot, one body shot) to the agencies along with your measurements and contact info. And don't pay for professional photos to do this; snapshots are just fine and agencies prefer them because they can see more of you and less of perfect lighting and make-up. Run a search online to find agencies that interest you.

    As far as acting, prepare a monologue or two or three and then find some agencies that might interest you. Call around and get info to see if they have open calls or if you have to schedule an audition. They may ask you to do a cold read, so be ready for that, too. Also run a search for acting agencies you might be interested in.

    Do your best, and if the agencies like you, they'll call you back. I'd suggest looking for agencies that do both modeling AND talent, to get the best of both worlds.

    If you don't get any luck there, shoot for a college with a broad academic program so you have the freedom to take theater AND science courses and choose between which one interests you most and you have the strongest passion for. I go to Temple University in Philadelphia, and we're GREAT for that. :)

    Hope that helped, good luck!

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