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Define Biddie?

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    Well, since you ask this on the math board, you are clearly referring to limits in calculus. In other words, "the limit of f(x) as x approaches a" is equivalent to "as x gets a biddie closer to a, then f(x) gets a biddie closer to f(a)", which we call the limit. Hey, it may sound a little informal, but that's how they teach it in South Georgia.

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    An ugly, frightening old woman - biddy also biddie

    If perhaps you meant bitty:

    Informal Tiny. Often used in combination: a little bitty baby.

    Chiefly British Composed of small segments lacking cohesion; fragmented.

  • F.A.Q.
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    My mother! She calls me an old bat (I'm 34) and I call her an old biddy! lol, affectionately.

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    I'll give you a "Biddie" of this for a "biddie" of that

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    1. a female domesticated fowl

    2. a frightening or cantankerous old woman

    What does this have to do with math? I looked it up online, thinking it was some obscure math word I havn't heard of, but this is all I was able to find.

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    Anything relating to marijuana. The high derived from it , the marijuana itself. Term originated in Auburn New York

    Source(s): Urban dictionary
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    a referential birdie

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