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Gore, betts, parker and M. barber--Start 2?

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    Wow you have three great matchups on Gore, Betts, and Barber. In my fantasy league, I am starting Betts and Gore. However, if I were you I would go with Gore and Barber. The last time Gore played the Arizona Cardinals he had 170 total yards of offense and 2 TD. Gore will have a great game. Then I would go with Barber becuase the Eagles run defense is horrible. The Eagles run defense is 28th in the NFL. They have also allowed allowed 200 yards of team rushing yards on 6 different occasions. Plus, Barber is the goal line back so you can expect touchdowns from him. Even though Betts is going against the 31st run defense in the NFL and Betts is leading the NFL in rushing over the last four games, I would sit Betts. Betts will guarantee you yardage. But as a Ladell Betts owner, take it from me that once the Redskins get on the goal line T.J. Duckett gets the ball. Betts will guarantee you about 170 total yards of offense, but unless he breaks a long touchdown run he is not going to get you in the end zone.

    Start Gore and Barber.

    Below is a list of NFL rush defenses in the NFL up to this point.

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    I would go with Gore and Betts. Gore against Arizona I belive is a lock. You have to use him. I would bench Parker who is playing Baltimore who could easily shut him down. I have Barber as well and get nervous using him. Sure he had two TD's last week but the week before he got zero points. I would have to say your second best option is Betts. He has been very consistent and he is the obvious go to man in Washington. Plus, St. Louis does not have a good Run defense. I would say Gore and Betts.

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    Gore and Betts are the safe choice

    Gore is sleeper of the year. Betts is playing indoor against the Rams poor run D.

    The steelers are playing better but were thrashed by the Ravenss. I don't think the home field can make up that much.

    Barber would be my my next choice. The Eagles are not good on Run-d either, but I hate taking a split carry guy over a full time back.

    Good Luck

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    Frank Gore had 2 Touchdowns in his last game against the Arizona Cardinals, the 49ers need a win and I belive Frank Gore will put up great fantasy numbers in FFL Championship Week.

    I would also start Ladell Betts, Betts replaced the injured Clinton Portis (hand) in Week 10 and has taken off. He has 549 yards rushing in his past four games and is looking for his fifth 100-yard game in a row. He has impressed coach Joe Gibbs, who recently said "He's got some goals for himself in there, and I think it's showed up. He's made a real statement about himself and what he can do." Now he gets the Rams, who are No. 31 in run defense with 16 rushing touchdowns allowed. The Rams have allowed a 100-yard rusher in six of their past eight games.

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    I have to agree with the guy above. Perfect analysis. Gore and Betts all the way.

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    Gore vs zona is a must start

    Betts vs a shakey Rams run D Parker will be shut down by Baltimore

    Barber splits time too much with Jones

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    definately Gore

    Parker is the best of the group although he is playing the ravens

    betts has been great for yardage points but never scores

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