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Does it matter if you eat immediately upon waking?

I heard some people wait an hour or so before putting anything into their mouth (Food, drink, etc. Well maybe besides coffee) Does it really matter? Could you maybe get a stomach ache if right when you woke up you had a three course breakfast meal?

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    You do realize you posted this in the Newborn & Baby category.?

    But to answer your question, if you're hungry when you wake up, then by all means EAT whatever suits your fancy. If you're not hungry right away, that's fine too. Everyone is different, some people don't eat breakfast and wait for lunch. (I would not be able to)

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    Are you talking about morning sickness?

    Morning sickness, or any morning time queziness is caused from a build of of bile and stomach acid in the stomach through out the course of the night.

    Eating some, especially if you're pregnant, before even sitting up in bed (crackers are light and easy on your stomach, saltines, not ritz), can avoid that morning rush to the bathroom to vomit.

    Waiting to eat with the hopes of avoiding sickness, doesnt help, and only makes it worse.

    rushing into a three course meal doesnt help, but eating something soft and simple, toast, or crackers, or some non-acidy fruit, can help get the day going a little better.

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    You could get an upset stomach if you eat to much upon waking. I would try eating some crackers when you first wake up and then try eating something more later.

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    no. for your metabolism to work correctly you should eat within one hour of waking, so eating when you wake up is not bad and it will not hurt you. Now if you are talking about eating and than going back to sleep yes that will hurt you. Cafine is not good if you are on a diet or even for your blood sugar

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    Many people simply aren't hungry immediately upon rising. There's no reason one couldn't or shouldn't eat though, if they were so inclined.

    If you have a newborn, they are likely hungry upon no reason you cannot eat when they do.

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    When I was pregnant I ate as soon as I got up, but my husband has to wait a while before he eats.

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  • Well my hubby did that and he had a stomach ache.When I did it I didn't.So I guess it just does it 4 guys.

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    no and why are u asking that silly question here?

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