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Soundguy asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

What should you do when someday lets their wild dog run around in a shopping center that requires a leash?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Call Animal Control / whatever authority deals with dog-at-large complaints;

    while waiting for them to show up:

    DOCUMENT what the dog does that creates problems:

    * leg-lifting on doorways means EVERy dog who passes by for the next 6 wks will also urine-mark; this can kill many plants, let alone 'kill' bizness!

    * Lunging at ppl, barking at ppl, scaring them

    * defecating on premise/owner fails to PICK UP THE ****

    * harassing/threatening dogs ON-leash or dogs in vehicles (a dog in a car frustrated by a strange dog outside 'their' vehicle can do $100's of damage before their humans get back)

    PHOTOGRAPH the dog (and the human, if possible); get a pic of their car with a legible PLATE/tag, for the auth's to follow-up on

    BE PREPARED to make a sworn statement or a notarized complaint, if U are not willing to make a court-appearance; the auth's need U to say what grief this caused, and what YOU saw - witnesses really matter!

    thanks for looking out for the safety of ppl, pets and DOGGIE reputations:

    Owners who pull these stoopid stunts make all the good dogs and responsible owners look bad, and then we all suffer for it!

    i appreciate U being eyes/ears for responsible owners and their pets.... :-)

    Source(s): 30 yrs educating ppl, training pets; certified Vet's Asst.
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  • Well if that is the case. You need to when this is happening call the police and have them deal with this. I have never heard of this happening. I have heard of dogs coming in the doors in different business but that is all resolved. It is possibly that the person walks to get groceries and then ask the dog to stay but the dog lack brains to do so and does come in the store. Well call the police from you cell phone or the phone inside or outside the store.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would approach the person and be sure that he/she is aware of the policy. Explain that you are concerned the dog could get hurt running around free in such a busy place, and you would hate to see that happen.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is it possible the dog keeps getting loose? If so,suggest a halti-muzzle/collar or a harness rather than a conventional collar to the owner.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well first off, i've never seen a shopping center that allowed dogs, but i would contact the security department and have them catch the dog and send it to the animal shelter. that way the owner gets fined.

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  • what country do you lI've in cause ive never seen a mall that allows dogs in it

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  • HIDE! Actually, I forgot, stand perfectly still and they won't hurt you hopefully, then run or hide. :)

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