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annoying internet, why am always being re-directed?

why is it when I do a search, my browser "redirects" me somewhere else? for example, I'll search for info on weight loss diets, yahoo will show several results, I'll click on one of them, my browser will start to take me there, then I'll hear a clicking sound, and all of a sudden I'm at a website trying to sell me vitamins. I'll use my back button, try again, and then it takes me to a website trying to sell me something else.

What causes this? Please don't tell me its cookies, because I always start my internet sessions with a clean slate. And its not spyware cause I use spybot and windows defender and they show nothing.

Is this just the nature of the internet now?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is not the nature of the internet. It should not be happening. You have spyware/adaware or maybe even a virus. I understand you have already run spybot and windows defender but they may have missed it. Try the suggestions below.

    Update and run your Anti-Virus program. Don't have one? You can run a free online scan from Trendmicro. When I have tested it it takes some time to run it but it may be time well spent if it can fix any problems.

    Download and run

    Download, update and run Adaware---

    If those above do not fix it try Hijackthis.

    Download HijackThis--- Run and Save a Log. When you log comes up copy and paste the entire log at . Analyze your results. You will then get a screen that will tell you if you have any nasty stuff in your computer. Follow instructions to deal with any nasties. CAUTION: This is a very powerful tool. Be careful.

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    It's either adware or improper DNS settings. If Spybot and Defender show nothing, then they're not picking up the particular piece of adware that you wound up with.

    And there's no reason to delete cookies before you start a new Internet session. In fact, that kind of defeats one of the major purposes of cookies. People are a lot more scared of cookies than they should be.

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    1 decade ago

    How often do you delete your 'cookies'. If you don't know, then you don't do it often (enough). Go to Tools on your toolbar above. Click on Internet Options. If you have IE 6.0 or older, click on all of these: Delete Cookies, Delete Temporary Internet Files (tick the little box) & Delete History; if you have IE 7.0Beta, just click Delete > then click on "Delete ALL".

    You need to keep these deleted so hackers & spies don't 'see where you've been.

    if you don't have AdAware...or if you don't have ZoneLabs,,,GET THEM .. They both are totally FREE; the ZoneLabs you do works on its own; AdAware you need to run every day if possible. It's kinda fun don't worry about the effort. If you need the links, "Google-It".

    Your problem is popups...& it's called "advertising" (free enterprise). You choose weight loss,,,and you get related subjects (vitamins, workout equipment, diet recipes, etc.)

    Try going to your Tools > Internet Options > Security tab >

    > click on your 'security level'\---it may be too low.

    Then> click on "Custom Level" and then click on the arrow after that & a menu will drop down. If it's not on Medium (default) choose Medium (default)..and hit 'OK'..then, > click on "Apply"...then > click on "OK".

    If you have other popup blockers (like Norton AntiVirus, ZoneLabs, etc.) check and see if they're off---if they're off, click on them to 'enable' them.

    That should help....Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can only suggest two words-get firefox

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