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What is the required marks for IGCSE maths core module if I want to get a "C" grade?

If anyone take IGCSE Maths, pls reply.

It is better to show me the relevant data which post on the site.

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    depends whether u r doing higher or foundation.

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    IGCSE's are greater handy than the previous GCEs yet with some greater undertaking content fabric. fairly some people war with arithmetic at this point and a C isn't relatively too shabby. once you're making plans to get into 6th type on the mathematics flow you ought to evaluate doing it back. nevertheless for the different undertaking flow a C for math is fantastic via maximum folk's standards and doubtless your college's.

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    I think you have to get at least 67% of the total mark for the extended course, but it may differ according to the statistical results curve for that session.

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    you must have fast n correct calcuation and must be confident

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