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is my puppy gonna be okay..ate a lot of peanuts?

I was watching tv this morning and heard a crash so I went to go check things out, but didn't see anything out of the normal, so I figured my puppy had just ran into the wall or something. Well about 10 minutes later I hear my puppy crunching on something and he had knocked over a 16 oz jar of roasted peanuts that I guess my hubby left out last night..he'd eaten almost half the jar

male pug/ 12 pounds 4 months old

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    lol, he'll be ok, he'll probably puke from the salt tho. our dog does when she eats something with too much salt.

    sorry, i was only laughing cause you thought he ran into the wall. it just reminded me of my dog cause she does that kinda stuff too

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    How the hell did a 5 month old puppy get a hold of a jar of peanut butter? She'll probably have diarrhea, maybe even vomit, but I don't think peanuts are toxic, so you're probably ok. You may want to call the vet to double-check. Meanwhile, learn to put things away that your pup shouldn't get into. I doubt she opened the cupboard, got the jar down and unscrewed the lid, so some dumb as* person left it out. You were lucky this time. Don't be so careless again.

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    WooHoo!! Puppy got a special treat!!! Your puppy will be just fine-but he might get a little tummy ache for a day or so! Just like when you eat too many peanuts! His poo will be kinda hard for the next couple days-but that's just the price he has to pay for partying with the peanuts! LOL! No worries!

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    thats okay peanuts r actually very good for dogs to eat! but obviously not in that large of an amount! lol =) but no hes fine! if he breaksout in hives or has a reaction bring him to the vet he might be allergic! hope this helps!=)

    Source(s): shelter worker 3 yrs!
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  • You need to take the dog to the vet right away. Peanuts can shut down a dogs kidneys. Hurry.

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    Peanuts are not usually bad for dogs, and he should be fine. If he does start to have hives or have trouble breathing, make sure that you bring him to the vet. He could be allergic to them.

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    He will be alright. The same thing that happens to you when you eat peanuts (or corn for that matter) will happen to him.

    Of course he is a dog, so keep in mind that peanutty stool will be all that much more appetizing to him.

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    He's gonna be okay because my puppy chewed on a pen but she is still alive and still healthy as ever. Don't worry he's fine.

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    of course he should be fine. just never feed him chocolate,pork or anyrhing else that you think could harm him. ask a vet to see what he can and cant eat that is human food.

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    hell be fine, my dog ate an entire loaf of bread, old sheets, a bottle of thyroid pills, he eats paper towels from the trash. so your should be fine

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