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I need cheats for PS2 Sims2 Pets?

the last cheats i got were all wrong.......Help me out?


ONLY FOR i only need cheats for PS2 not pc lol

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    Gnome Code

    Enter during gameplay

    Cheat Effect

    L1,L1,R1,X,X,Up Gnome Code

    Cat and Dog Codes

    The following codes are not entered into the cheat console.

    To enter one of these code go to Game Options and press the New Key to enter a code.

    Cheat Effect

    EEGJ2YRZQQ1IQ9QHA64 Black Dot Cats

    EEGJ2YRQZZ1IQ9QHA64 Black Dot Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQQZ1RQ9QHA64 Black Smiley Cats

    EEGJ2YRZQQARQ9QHA64 Black Smiley Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQZZARQ9QHA64 Blue Bones Cats

    EEGJ2YRZZZ1IZ9QHA64 Blue Bones Dogs

    EEGJ2YRZZQ1IQ9QHA64 Blue Camouflage Cats

    EEGJ2YRZZZ1RQ9QHA64 Blue Camouflage Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQQZ1IZ9QHA64 Blue Star Cats

    EEGJ2YRQZQ1IQ9QHA64 Blue Star Dogs

    EEGJ2YRZQZAIQ9QHA64 Green Flower Cats

    EEGJ2YRQZZ1RQ9QHA64 Green Flower Dogs

    EEGJ2YRZQZ1IQ9QHA64 Navy Hearts Cats

    EEGJ2YRQQZ1IQ9QHA64 Navy Hearts Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQQZAIQ9QHA64 Orange Diagonal Cats

    EEGJ2YRZQZ1IZ9QHA64 Orange Diagonal Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQQQARQ9QHA6 Pink Vertical Strip Cats

    EEGJ2YRZZZAIQ9QHA64 Pink Vertical Strip Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQQQ1RQ9QHA64 White Paws Cats

    EEGJ2YRZQQ1IZ9QHA64 White Paws Dogs

    EEGJ2YRZZQ1IZ9QHA6 White Zebra Stripe Cats

    EEGJ2YRZZZ1IQ9QHA64 White Zebra Stripe Dogs


    EEGJ2YRQQQ1IZ9QHA64 Blue Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQQQAIQ9QHA64 Deep Red Cats

    EEGJ2YRQZQ1RQ9QHA64 Deep Red Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQZQ1IZ9QHA64 Goofy Cats

    EEGJ2YRZZZARQ9QHA64 Goofy Dogs

    EEGJ2YRZQQAIZ9QHA64 Green Cats

    EEGJ2YRQZQAIQ9QHA64 Green Dogs

    EEGJ2YRZZQ1RQ9QHA64 Light Green Cats

    EEGJ2YRZQQ1RQ9QHA64 Light Green Dogs

    EEGJ2YRZZQAIQ9QHA64 Neon Green Cats

    EEGJ2YRZQQAIQ9QHA64 Neon Green Dogs

    EEGJ2YRZZQARQ9QHA64 Neon Yellow Cats

    EEGJ2YRQQQAIZ9QHA64 Neon Yellow Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQZZ1IZ9QHA64 Pink Cats

    EEGJ2YRZQZ1RQ9QHA64 Pink Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQQZARQ9QHA64 Purple Cats

    EEGJ2YRQQZAIZ9QHA64 Purple Dogs

    EEGJ2YRQZZAIZ9QHA64 Bandit Mask Cats

    EEGJ2YRQZQARQ9QHA64 Bandit Mask Dogs




    EEGJ2YRZZQAIZ9QHA64 Zebra Stripes Dogs

    Upgrade Pet Emporium

    Press these buttons while playing

    Cheat Effect

    Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up Fully upgrade the Pet Emporium in Town Square

    Give your sim Pet Points

    Enter during game play after activating the cheat gnome to bring up the "give sim pet points" option on the cheat gnome.

    Cheat Effect

    Triangle, Circle, X, Square, L1, R1 "Give sim pet points" option on cheat gnome

    Time Advance Cheat

    During gameplay in a house or lot, type in the cheat.

    Select the gnome to activate

    Cheat Effect

    Up, Left, Down, Right, R1 Advance time 6 hrs.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure about this one juz try.To get money juz press ctrl-shift-c at the same time to get a cheat box and type in rosebud;: and press enter.They will say no such cheat but believe me watch ur simoleons go $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

    Another one will be-Get the cheat box up and type move_objects on and press enter u will be able to move anything includin ur sim!P.S Do not delete the mailbox if u wan ur sim to interect.For no bills juz delete it wen it comes!

    P.P.S For ur sims to be happy juz delete them then bring them back by double-clickin on the red circle on their pic.

    (side effects:Ur sim will lose his job)

    If u wan ur sim to hav a bunch of skill points then listen-

    1.Creat the sim make it a kid dun giv it personality points and name ur sim

    2.Click done.

    3.Select the sim

    4.Edit it

    5.Giv it pp whatever............... make it an adult balh blah blah.....

    6.Done.Move it in ur house an gape at the skill points!

    Note:This is 4 the sims PC

    If i did not help u srry

    Source(s): Supercheats
  • All those are for the PC...this link is for the PS2

  • 1 decade ago

    I suggest either a google search, or go to


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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to

  • 1 decade ago

    all i know is:

    motherlode = $50,000

    aging off = sims stop aging

    forcetwins or force twins (idk about the space) = pregnant sim must have twins

    hoped you already didn't know these.. have a nice day.

    Source(s): friends who play way to much
  • 1 decade ago

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