Is it hard to find a job with an undergraduate degree in Psychology?

I was told that it is very hard to find a job with an undergraduate degree in the psychology field. If I were to pursue a Masters, how long would it normally take?

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    It is very easy to find a job with an psych degree. There is a great need for gas pumpers everywhere. Get your masters...only 2 more years

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    There aren't many jobs out there specifically for someone with a bachelor's in psychology. You can apply for jobs such as counseling positions, but many only require a high school diploma. Having a psychology degree will make you more desirable for the job.

    Getting your master's will only take about two years if you go full time.

    I graduated with a bachelor's in psych, live in the NYC area and had a difficult time finding a job. Once I found one, there was little room for advancement without further education. I considered getting a MSW, but after some thought decided to go for a Master's in Ed.

    The point is, just because you have a bachelor's in psych, doesn't mean that you're restricted to that area.

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    i guess it is.

    in today's society, getting a degree is rather common.

    but then again, it depends on what country you are looking for a job.

    if it is a country like America and; somewhere where everyone is highly educated, then a degree is really important.

    however, if it is somewhere laid back

    i guess it is rather easy to find a job with undergrad degree.

    however, i feel that it is important to prepare yourself and get the best for yourself; that is a degree

    and if possible get your masters and so on.. (:

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    Not really. The right one will come your way at the time you least expect.

    Source(s): Personal Experience. My undergraduate was Psychology and now I'm in Med School as a research assistant.
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    only if you're one of those whiney girls who thinks they're qualified to give you advice on everything

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