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How should I pick my college career if I want to study engineering at the university.I'm not dumb just foreign

Please don't think I'm stupid, the thing is that I am not sure how to choose what I'm going to study in college, I want to study engineering at the university but then what should I study in college...

I don't know this because I don't live at the US. But I'm applying as an international student.

Does anyone know around how much is a community college??


Mechanic Engineering


I need to attend to a community college because it's too expensive to go straight to the University... I don't really understand how college works, i'm very confused, someone told me that in college you don't study the exact career you want to, you just have like a preparation or something, and so you have to study something that has to do with your future career. So if my future career is mechanic engineering what should I STUDY IN COLLEGE?

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    1 decade ago
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    if you want to be an engineer, you study engineering. regardless of the school, you will have to take a certain number of general education classes (or liberal arts classes) such as english, art, music, etc. those classes could the taken at the community college. you must be careful because not all community courses transfer to a regular university so you would want to make sure that you are taking appropriate coursework. (college and university are the same thing, community college is different).

    however, community college is also sort of a waste of time and money and in the end it will take you longer to graduate than if you went right into a normal college. you would be best off trying to get scholarships to a regular 4 year university.

    what you really need to do is contact the admissions office of the school or schools that you wish to attend and they will help you. there are also international admission departments for many larger schools that assist only international students, this will help you a lot.

    do some internet research of the schools and programs and then email/call them to get some professional assistance. good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm under the impression that college in your country is considered a pre-requisite for university study. I'm assuming that you would be in college for a two to three year associate/baccalaureate program before applying for a masters program in the US.

    If you are looking for undergraduate or baccalaureate study in the US, you must take the TOEFL and whatever standardized test that the university of your choice prefers (SAT or ACT or equivalent - check with the university). You should take a curriculum that is heavy in the pure sciences (chemistry and physics) and mathematics. Computer programming and computer-assisted drawing (CAD) are generally taught in the first year of undergraduate work, so any experience you can gain there will also be helpful. Writing and communication skills are prized in engineering students, so be sure to take at least one or two writing-intensive English or humanities courses.

    If you are looking to do graduate level study in the US, plan on taking the GRE and the TOEFL, and have at least an 85% grade average (convert that to whatever grading scale you are familiar with) in your undergraduate program.

    Can't help you with the community college information, because I don't know what country for which you want info. Sorry! Hope the rest helps!

    Source(s): Baccalaureate of Chemical Engineering degree
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  • 1 decade ago

    Take engineering courses - that is a major. Community college courses are cheaper than university, but the price varies depending on which school you attend.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you plan to enter the US and attend a community college, then transfer to a four-year university?

    Or are you asking what you should study in high school to plan for a US university program?

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