Are the Do It Yourself Divorce Kits legally binding in court or do I need to hire a Lawyer ?

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    I'm sure they are legally binding, but if you want it done right, a lawyer is the way to go. There are so many laws and rules, in order to be a thorough as possible, you should really consider at least consulting a lawyer.

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    I have personally have never seen those, but you can get a free half an hour consultation with most lawyers. I am not sure if it's legally binding. You can also call any government office, city hall or family court related services in your area and ask them, It depends where u got married, what are the specific state laws etc. But, if it is an uncontested divorce you might be able to do all the filing yourself, make sure to have all your documentation with you. There must be local branches of government offices that can point you in the right direction.

    Sorry to hear about your divorce, and good luck

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    A friend of mine did her divorce that way and everything worked out fine and yes it is totally legal. A different friend of mine tried it and kept messing up on the paper work and never did get his divorce. The court house will say you made a mistake but will not tell you what mistake you made. (Atleast in my county.)

    The divorce books work out fine as long as your not fighting over everything. If your not fighting I believe it is called a "uncontested divorce.) If you have a minor child If I remember correctly after you file their is a 6 month waiting period before the divorce can be final.

    I would try the book first and if it doesn't work for you then get a lawyer. I have the book and looked through it. It looks like it is simple to do. It's a thick book and at first glance it will seem overwhelming but all the information is in there telling you what you need to do. Lawyers are quite expensive.

    When using the divorce book if you are on assistance (welfare) and you file for the divorce you can have the fee's waved. (Thats what the one friend did) I have not seen that info in the book but I am sure the court house can answer that question.

    Good luck

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    Yes they are legally binding, all those kits do is give you the paperwork and the instructions that you need to do for the courts.

    It's the judge that makes it legal. But be very careful that you do them right, the courts will reject them if there is one wrong terminology or typo.

    I did my own divorce and I have since remarried. The only reason you need a lawyer is if its contested.

    Good Luck!

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    They are legally binding since they require the use of a notary to make sure each of you are who you say you are. My mom used one and it was very easy. It comes with every instruction so you can't possibly make a mistake. Good luck. I would go to Staples or somewhere like that, even a book store in a mall. Dont' dowmload them off the internet, not alway reliable. Only use one though if there are no arguments as to whom gets what, and/or no assets to distribute. And definitly not with any children. If it is a basic uncontested divorce with little to no assets it is a cheap, easy way to go.

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    1 decade ago

    You can do-it-yourself, although you may want to contact a Paralegal, if kids and property are involved. I've had two, did one myself and one with a Paralegal. The kits are pretty straight forward. Yes, they are legally binding in court.

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    I did my own with out a lawyer and was divorced one day after filing. It is binding. happily divorced 12 yrs.

  • sinned
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    the forms are legal, yes. if you have children or lots of asset, you should talk to a lawyer though. if it is a simple divorce, the kit will save lots of money.

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    you can do it yourself if it is a very simple divorce, no children, no assets to distribute and split, etc. And yes they are binding and legal as long as you appear in front of the judge. Good luck and God bless****

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    very legal and in most states you can even file online. the only reason for a lawyer in a divorce is when property or child custody is contested.

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