How do you make stretch jeans not stretch?

I have pants that fit me perfectly. And no, they are not tight. I can take them off without unbuttoning them. Well, After a while, they start getting a lot bigger and the legs get really big (b/c of the way I sit, the legs stretch a lot) and I end up having to pull up my pants for the rest of the day. These are my favorite pants! Thanks for your help.

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    Try unbottoning your pants when you sit down. I guess its best to do that when you're at home or somewhere you're comfortable. That way the butt and waist part doesn't get so loose. Also, starch might help. Try using that when you're washing/drying your jeans. Hope that helps.

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    You can't, that's why they're stretch jeans. What you can do is "shrink them," so that they'll be tight at first and then stretch out to fit better. Wash them in hot water & dry in high heat. Now, for future purchases, first thing you need to look for is the amoutn of lycrz in them, that'll determine how much they'll give after being worn. 1% spandex will usually give you a good fit w/o stretching to a whole other size. From personal experience, pants w/ 2% after worn for a couple of hours will stretch out way too much. What you can also do is buy them a size smaller, so that when they stretch they'll fit just right. (Although I don't suggest this if the smaller size will completely cut off your circulation; only go smaller if they're just a little tight but still breathable). Another option, would be to buy jeans that are 100% cotton; they take longer to "conform" to your body but once they do, they'll fit like a glove. Hope this helps...GOOD LUCK!

    Source(s): Three years of retail experience, working at the Gap as a denim specialist.
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    My favorite jeans did this too. I ended up throwing them out. They looked great when I put them on but after a few hours, they looked so horrible. I couldn't take it anymore and gave them the deep six. They were Levi's too. It was just that one pair of pants. I bought another pair of pants (Levis), this time the material was thicker and I have no problems with them. Don't buy jeans that have thin stretchy material. They are garbage, even if they look cool when you try them.

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    if you wash them and then put them in the dryer, they should go back to it's form or they're too cheap of material

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    no I would just not buy them if you don't like that kind

  • you need more junk in the trunk to keep them up. Have a twinkie, or ten...

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