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can I transfer all my 80 gb hard drive data to a 160 gb hard drive?

im using a 80 gb but i have a 160 gb too thats empty

i kno how to put it in the computer

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    The easiest way that I've found is by using Partition Magic. Basically, you plug in your new HD, boot off the Partition Magic CD and tell it to "Mirror" the drive.

    When you plug in the new HD, make sure that it's set to "Cable Select" or "Slave".

    Once you boot up, Partition Magic will create an 80GB Partition on your new drive, but once that operation is complete (about an hour or 2) you tell it to "resize" the drive to take up all available space on your new drive.

    When the new partition is created, the drive letter is automatically hidden from the OS so it doesn't change it on the drive. Once it's finished you should turn the computer off. Remove your old HD and set your new HD to Master, by either changing the Cable (from the middle to the end, if the HD is set to Cable select) or by simply changing the pinout to MASTER.

    Once you've rearranged your HD's, keep the Partition Magic CD in place and reboot, now go to Options and "Unhide" the drive letter. Reboot once more and you're DONE SON.

    Keep in mind that either your MB or OS must support 42Bit LBA in order for your computer to be able to "see" the entire 160GB partition as ONE partition. If you have Win2K or an older MB, you might be better off partitioning it to 2 separate drives.

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    I hate to give you the standard statistical answer, but it depends. The short answer is yes, but if you have any proprietary software (like M$ Windows etc.) some of the files may not copy normal. There are several ways to copy everything. There are program, like Norton's Ghost, that will make an exact copy of the disk. I've listed a couple of disk copy utilities below.

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    Of course you can -- just copy the files -- but why not leave the old drive connected, and add the new drive as well? That way you get 240 GB of space!

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    There is plenty of programs out there that can help. If either of the two dirvers are maxtors or western digitals, you can download their software. Load it onto a boot disk and then copy the data over that way.

    This is probably the cleanest way to do it.

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    Yes use Norton Ghost

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    If you buy a external HD, you can copy stuff from the 80g to the external, then copy from the external to the 160g

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    yes. copy and paste should work just fine. hook both hard drives up to your computer. they also sell programs to move data, but my way is free

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    yes, you can use tranfer programs or just select everything you want to move and hit transfer to then select the drive

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    clone the harddrive usingnorton ghost n dos command

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