Ok..here it is..im sorry !!?

Ok...my follow up on last question...?

My last question stated that me and my bf break up a lot, and can't seem to make a decision...most tell me to let go, and some tell me to stick it out..but we have been breaking up since day one...i always give him the benefit and go back..but then something else happens...like he will get drunk and do something crazy...and then i will dump him, and then he cries and tells me the nicest things, and my heart melts...I am not strong :( Im sorry for acting like a child, but i need help...i have such hard times letting go, and i mean..he is nice to others and loves me so much...but if i let him go..will i ever find my soul mate..what if its him and i just lost it...he told me i have to make a decision now...he can't keep going back and forth???!??!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Move on lady, he doesn't respect you enough to stop ******* up. He will do this as long as you let him. Enjoy being single for awhile, it can be lots of fun. Later when you're ready I'm sure you'll find your soulmate. In the mean time don't rush...there's plenty of time!

  • 1 decade ago

    Already answered that one.

    Move on. This cycle will not break. You'll be unhappily doing this little game forever if you don't go now.

    He sounds like a player to me, and you're the fiddle

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