What should you do if somebody lights up a cigarette right next to you?

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    If you are in a place where smoking is allowed, you can't, and shouldn't, do a thing.

    If you are in a place where it isn't allowed, politely remind the person that the area is a non-smoking area.

    If it's someone you know well, and the smoke is bothering you, politely ask if they mind not smoking.

    Otherwise, smoking is still legal in this country, so you really have no right to act otherwise in this situation.

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    If they are in a non smoking area you can totally say something.

    If you are unable to move or are there first again, you can politely ask the person to move or that the smoke is bothering you "would you mind....?" Most smokers I find have respect for others.

    I do find it bothersome when people are rude about it. I am not a smoker but understand that this is an addiction and a choice. Being that it is an addiction it is a need, the smoker does know it is harmful, the smoker does know that cigarettes are bad for them. They don not need to be reminded at every turn.

    As it stands the only place smokers have is the outdoors. It is a form of discrimination to haul them out for their life choices. Heck would you yell at fat woman in a McDonald's to stop eating fast food?

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    If you're in an area where smoking is allowed and you can't move, ask POLITELY if the smoker can move or put it out.

    I'm a smoker and a bus rider. I try to always stand downwind of other bus riders at the bus stops and most people are very appreciative. However, no one has ever politely asked me to move. I have had a lot of the eye rolling and passive-aggressive stuff, which is annoying and hard to interpret. If you don't use clear words to ask for what you want, no one will know what that is. And they will probably be annoyed. Once, a man was very rude in asking me to move. He arrived at a crowded bus stop later than I had and I was already far away from the rest of the people. When he began telling me, loudly and rudely, that I was bad for smoking, other (non-smoking) people came to my defense.

    Being polite is always the best way to go.

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    This is a tough situation and a big issue in Ohio right now with the recent smoking ban. I would advise you to kindly ask the person to either put it out or smoke somewhere else. I'm not a smoker myself but smokers do have a right to smoke. I have asked smokers what non-smokers should do in this situation and most of them said if you ask politely they will have no problem with putting the cigarette out.

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    Tell them to pass it over, depending on what kind of cigarette it is. :) No, but seriously, it depends on a couple of factors. 1) Can you move? 2) Are you allergic to smoke? If you can move, move. If not, you can politely ask the person to extinguish their cigarette because the smoke bothers you. If you're allergic, you have no choice to ask them to put it out and explain why.

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    If you are in an area that is designated non-smoking, then do remind them of the law, and perhaps point the sign out to them. If they don't butt out, I'd leave and report them to someone.

    If you are in an area that smoking is permitted, or outside, then I just move myself as far away as I can. Knowing me, I'd give them a big hairy eyeball too haha.

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    Is it an area where smoking is acceptable?

    If it is, just move. As a smoker, it's my pet peeve when people shoot me dirty looks for lighting up if I'm in a spot where it's allowed.

    But if it's an area that's specifically defined as non-smoking- ask them (politely) to stop- Everyone makes mistakes, and the person may not have realized that they shouldn't be puffing away in non-smoking territory.

    Also, consider your surroundings- if you're at a highschool football game, asking someone to stop is completely different from telling someone to put it out in a crowded bar.

    However, please don't be grumpy or grouchy, and for the love of all that is holy, don't lecture us about our habits- it's a choice, and we chose it, and to be quite honest, we've gotten the lecture so many times before it only pisses us off.

    It's not illegal (yet) so don't treat us like it is.

    So just move if we're allowed to light up where you happen to be standing, or ask us not to if we're out of line and it should all be just fine.

    Source(s): Experience.
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    Assuming they're in an area where smoking is legal, I'd do nothing. If it truly bothers you, get up and go sit somewhere else. They have just as much right to smoke as you have not to. If they're somewhere that smoking is NOT legal (airplane, certain restaurants, etc.) go find someone in charge and tell them.

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    Depends on where you are and whether or not your a smoker I guess. I'm not a smoker, but I personally don't care because my boyfriend smokes and I'm use to it. If it bothers you, move away from them. If their in an area where it's not allowed, politely point it out to them.

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    I would definitely move away from them. If we were in a no smoking area, I would point it out to them.

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